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What is causing my eyes to turn green?

Asked by ducky_dnl (5376points) December 11th, 2010 from iPhone

I had hazel eyes and they are lightening. The outer part of my eyes are green, there is some yellow specks, and the rest is a very very light brown. I am excited about it, lol. What is causing the change though? My mom has blue eyes, my brother has brown eyes, and my dad has has brown eyes. I’m the only from my family born with hazel eyes. Could my moms blue eyes be a factor? Any ideas?

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Why? “demelanization of the iris” “may also be genetically determined”.

Someone can probably provide more detail. But say, that new color is hot :)

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Just out of curiosity, how old are you? My husband and I both have green eyes and our son (4 month old baby) has blue eyes. We think they might change but we heard it doesn’t usually happen after a year (usually, not never).

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Maybe its Gamma Radiation…...oh boy….I think you dont want to get the ducky angry…we wont like you when your angry…... But seriously, maybe its the pigment in your eyes. As you grow older the pigment would become more mature mixing with the genectics from your parents as a result you would get that green result.

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That happened to my mother too.I’ll go with @phoebusg answer.

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I have to agree with phobusg.

Sounds pretty, though.

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It could be your age, but weirder things have happened! LOL. My eyes are hazel my daughters eyes are grey blue (she’s 15) same as when she was a baby…her fathers eyes were brown, go figure. I always heard that blue eyes are the least likely to get and more so unlikely if neither parent has blue. And the only blue eyed person in either immediate family was my father. Who knows just be glad you can see! My husband was 100% fully visually impaired.

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It’s been happening to me too! Only mine have been changing from more of a blue-green to a more pure green. I love it.

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@jenandcolin I was born with blue eyes and I now have green eyes. They are not that sort of dark hazel-green that many people have, they are more of a pale blue-green. Regardless, they did not start to change color until I was an adult.

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If your eyes are Hazel then your clothes, lighting and how bloodshot your eyes get will determine how Green they turn.

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I have hazel eyes that change between brown, green, green with a brown ring, and occasionally other combinations/shades of brown and green.

That color-shifting is normal for those of us with Hazel eyes.

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My Grandpa (Pop-pop) has blue eyes, but when he was born they were brown then they turned hazel over time, then green, and then grey, and now as I said they’re blue. My mom’s eyes are starting to turn grey, mine are turning green( just like yours it sounds). I believe my brother has the same eye gene. All of us were born with brown eyes. Pretty cool huh? I hope if I have kids they get this gene, and they’re lefties like me.

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Are you sure it’s not a function of the colour of the light and the relative positions you view your own eyes in relation to the light source? ? Hazel eyes have a certain amount of melanin in them – less than brown but more than blue-green. My wife (Japanese) has the former, I (N. European) have the latter; my two sons’ eyes are deep brown – to the extent that it’s sometimes impossible to distinguish the pupil in a normally-lit room, but they turn a lovely chestnut colour in sunlight.

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This happened to me, too. I was born with deep brown eyes and had them until I was about 14 or 15, and then they suddenly started turning green. I willed them green every night, and I convinced myself that’s why it happened. ;) But I’ll go with what @phoebusg said.

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Yeah. I was born with dark brown eyes. At puberty they changed to hazel, brown ring around pupil and green. Now in my 30s they are changing color again, the green changing to a very pale grey blue. It is odd.

My mother had dark brown eyes that went hazel in her 60s, brown ring around pupil and green. My father and brothers had blue eyes. My ex had brown eyes. My daughter was born with blue eyes that have been changing color for years and are now hazel, no ring around the iris. My son has brown eyes. I’m curious if his eyes will change color at puberty like mine did. It is interesting. Wiki has a really useful breakdown on it.

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Its possible it could be a mixture of both your parents eye color

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Mine were dark brown also and now they are green. I have also read there could b a shift in my ph levels that could cause this. I like the green color. Just hoping it is a healthy green.

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