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If you could choose just one thing for Christmas what would it be?

Asked by partyparty (9134points) December 11th, 2010

You can only have one thing – what would it be?

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A prepaid Mastercard loaded with a £1,000,000.

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A graphics tablet.

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The ability to walk as far as I wanted without my knee bothering me.

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World Peace

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Paid for home of choice.

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All I really want for Christmas is to see my Dad.

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A thousand or so acres of land, mostly wooded with some wetlands and fields mixed in.

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To no longer have flu so that I can get to America for Christmas as planned. (Day 4 of dabilitating flu… due to fly in 5 days…)

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To be able to see all my friends: one in particular.

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Someone other than me to pay for my $40,000 per year college education.
Heck, I would be willing to have that be my only present for the rest of my life. It would mean that I could buy everything else I want myself.

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My husband to be home.

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For everyone to look up at the sky at night, and realize that we’re on a planet, in very large universe, and that for now we only have eachother…. That we should all work together towards a beatiful future. Go earthlings go!


Eternal pleasure and ecstasy.

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A winninig lottery ticket worth 12million dollars.

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A Red Ryder carbine-action, two hundred shot Range Model air rifle with a compass in the stock and a thing which tells time.

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Peace on Earth and to bring all of our troops home.

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HeartheSilence. i had one of those when i was eight years old. Santa was good and life was even better.

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To find out something worthy of find out.

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A trip to Florida to see an awesome person =]

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$1300 to pay for my car.

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I am pretty satisfied. I don’t think I would really want anything but I will except anything that is good that is going to come towards me. =)

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@john65pennington I’m jealous. I always wanted one too lol

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That each and every adult man and woman in the world simultaneously receive oral.

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[NSFW] My own permanent female sex slave.

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A Christmas stocking with a leg in it.

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A cool million, after-taxes. Just enough to retire and indulge in the simple pleasures where I find the rest of my happiness.

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A job. Now that I’m only 20-ish hours from completing my internship, I really would like to know that the next step is secure.

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If it can be absolutely anything with no “possibility” restrictions, I’d like the winning lottery ticket for a week when the lottery is over 50 million. I don’t want much, do I?

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A new member to the family… a kitten.

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A ZuneHD possibly…

Or a really really awesome high tech crossbow pistol. That would make my year :D

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A six month paid sabbatical.

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A world wide epidemic of common sense and common courtesy.

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A Bustin Board longboard! Either the Spliff or the Maestro Mini.

Or an iPad. They amaze me.

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A super tanker filled to the brim with gold dust.

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A new Ipod. (I know… dream big, right?) I ran my ipod through the wash, and every time I think of replacing it there’s always something that’s a higher priority. I’d probably never justify buying one for myself, but I spent about 23.5 hours a day hooked up to it. And it’s essential for the Miami-Key West road trip I’m taking after Christmas.

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To be with the people I love.

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