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What exactly were you crying over or laughing at/with earlier on?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20162points) December 11th, 2010

Did something or someone have you in tears or in stitches earlier on?

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I honked goodbye to a man at the cider mill today and he jumped about 5’ in the air!
He was a good sport,thankfully,as I’d hate to beat up guys over 75 :)

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Cried last night because my 2 year old was sick

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My dog Penny was sitting begging for some chicken I was eating. She sits up straight on her back legs while her front legs paw the air. Only on this occasion she decided to practically sing for her supper at the same time. Cute, adorable & hilarious rolled into one. Okay fine, I guess you had to be there I get it :¬)

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I am a fine chocolate mess these days. I cry at the drop of a hat.

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I was crying over the long lines at the stores…I gave up!

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I haven’t laughed so hard in a wile…..

not supposed to be funny but… anti cancer drugs cause Cancer

lol and I watched a woman on a cell phone in the right hand lane cut through two lanes of traffic to turn left at a intersection….it was literally a left turn in the middle of the intersection…I don’t know how no-one died

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I was at the pet store picking up cat litter and I came across two puppies in a shopping cart. I couldn’t breathe. Almost fainted. I hadn’t played with a puppy in years. And they smelled like puppy too. Omg. What a beautiful thing.

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I cried tears of appreciation today when my best friend and her S/O fixed my car!!!

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I came right to the edge of tears when I got out a box of Christmas decorations and found the box for the little gold-painted wooden angels empty. My late mother gave them to me 35 years ago, and they are one of my favorite seasonal decorative items. I could not remember what I might have done differently in putting them away last year, and part of my distress was due to my increasingly unreliable memory.

My son came to the rescue, though, and figured out what he thought I must have done with them. Sure enough, I had put them away somewhere else, and he produced them just on the strength of his assumptions about me and his reasoning power. (But why did I save the empty box and store it in such a weird place? I don’t know.)

What made me laugh was hearing my husband make a reference to the Bible story about the rich man going through the eye of a camel.

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This guy at my job, he explains things in such a comical way. I have a part time job selling women’s shoes. This lady walks up with a newborn in one of those slings so you don’t have to carry them. One: the baby was facing out, and two, it was 9pm. She’s looking at boots and leans over to pick one up and the babies face proceeds to hit a boot, toppling the rest over. My co worker goes to help as she’s straightening them and the first thing she says is: “Do you have this in an 8?”.

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cried…my great nephew and I were chatting on FB, he is a special needs kid who cant talk or walk. He told me he misses his Dad (in prison). My first honest communication with the kid and it broke my heart. But he will get toy Story 3 for PS3.

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I laughed because my brother called me a “buttcracker” while we were talking online. Thing is, I was watching this super intense TV show with my uncle in which a lethal injection was taking place. I chuckled a little at “buttcracker,” but then realized that to my uncle it looked like I was laughing through the serious lethal injection. That just made me laugh more.
Then I had lethal injection dreams and cried.

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Hehehe buttcracker….

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