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If you could live in another country other than the one in which you are currently living, which would it be and why?

Asked by mammal (9431points) December 11th, 2010

Your second choice, or fanciful long term destination?

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In England, as that is where my fiance lives.

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@Pied_Pfeffer, where abouts in good old blighty does your beloved live?

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I think it would be Mediterranean France, because of the climate, the architecture, the history. Also, I can speak French after a fashion.

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The United States. I lived there for a while and I like it because it is so vast and so varied in scenery and climate. I also speak the language and I like the people.

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@marinelife my avatar pic is in Brittany :) Viva la République

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Northern Italy, Tuscany or Liguria. Weather is nice, the food is good, the people are friendly and relaxed, and the countryside is beautiful. Plus it’s close to a lot of other places to go visit. I hope to retire there.

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newzealand…because its apparently a lot like the uk but with less people in

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I’d move back to New Zealand. I had a career there and speak the language better than I speak the language where I currently live.

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USA, I’m a big fan of the constitution and also the culture. I was born in the UK, and moved to spain when I was 6 months old, but I grew up watching American tv programs and following American news on satelite.

Without insulting any other countries… I always saw USA as “the real world”. The place where the real decisions are made, where the real money and power is.

While my life is affected by Spanish politics and British politics, my life is even more affected by American politics. e.g. the economy was fine here until the economy went bad in the USA.

My second choice would be New Zeland, mainly because of the scenery and cost of living, but also other reasons. My third choice would be Canada or Alaska, mainly for the weather (if i have to put up with another 110 degree summer ill lose my mind)

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Japan. I’ve wanted to live their for a long time. I have studied the language and culture for over a decade. I’d probably want to live in more suburban or rural Japan rather than urban, because I love the natural beauty of the country. Actually, if my job application goes well, I will be living there for a year. * crosses fingers *

Other than that… Probably Italy. I visited there in high school and absolutely loved it for a lot of the reasons @zenvelo stated.

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The British Isles. I trace my family back to Scotland in the 1400s and have always been a bit of an Anglophile. I plan on traveling there in 2015 with family and friends and will be visiting my family seat. I would love to move there permanently!

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i can assure you being an anglophile is considerably better than being than A pedophile

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I would live in England’s green and pleasant land. I’m an incorrigible Anglophile with strong family ties to the U.K.

As a second choice, I might well pick the Netherlands, although I’d find Canada hard to resist.

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@Jeruba: Ach. And did those feet? (We started and ended every school year at my lovely Friends’ School with the singing of Jerusalem.)

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I’m not quite sure, I’d strongly prefer an English speaking country because, well, the language would be a lot easier to learn (and preferably the UK, I’d love to acquire a British accent), but I’m not that fond of culture and politics in the English-speaking countries I know. I guess I’d investigate Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, those kind of countries, but for now, I’m quite happy where I am :)

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Based on the people, food, language, and scenery, I’d say France or Italy. I don’t know much about the taxes, government, or anything like that, though, so that might affect my choice. I like where I live right now, though. Especially with the weather we’re having right now :) Not extremely cold, and we’ve got a foot and a half or snow on the ground with 8–10 more inches supposed to fall yet tonight!

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Singapore. It’s a very modern and clean city. The people are friendly. It’s very much like New York, except without the crime, pollution, drugs, gangs, and also unlike New York, everyone in Singapore speaks English.

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Scotland. . .
For the Speyside Scotch and the weather

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Canada, I like their government and we are big hocky fans….we actually hope to move their as the hubbys company is based out of canada

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Greece! Okay, I know their economy hasn’t been doing too well, and they had a few riots in the past. Buuut…their food alone is enough reason for me. Plus, the Greek Isles are beautiful, I absolutely love the Mediterranean. Unfortunately, there would be no reason for me to live there in the future, but hopefully I can live somewhere in the Maghreb, like Morocco.

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Realistically, probably Canada. Kind of like America, but with universal health care.

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Australia: I’ve always wanted to see the wildlife and the Barrier Reef. I’d better go soon… or there won’t be much to look at.

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If they could the politics straight… South Africa in cape town. I lived there for 6 months and it was divine.

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@mattbrowne You could bunk here with me and Magilla for a while if you want!

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i live in new zealand and i wouldnt want to live anywhere else, it is my home and the most beautiful country (i havent been to many other countrys though)

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