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Cheap green laser pointer?

Asked by larryxiao (3points) April 7th, 2008

i am looking for a cheap and high quality green laser pointer. is this one okey?

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That one looks/ appears to be good quality. But I’m gonna tell you right now usually a blue, green, or onange laser costs alot because of the chemicals and other BS. So idk how long that one will last you. But for about $35 I’d say who cares. GO FOR IT!

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Bought mine on ebay for £15 (approx $30). It is 8mw and is very powerful. It was sent from Hong Kong.
Depends what you want it for I guess. I take mine clubbing if I can get it passed the door security. It’s awesome.

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I have find one site much cheaper, but it ‘s wholesale site, the price only $0.83, check out the site below:

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