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What is, and how to make this soft candy?

Asked by Melonking (1221points) December 11th, 2010

Since I was small I have always wanted this candy from Mr. Hulot’s Holiday, here is a picture:

Today I realized, why not try make it, so I ask those with candy knowledge, how? The Pic says taffy, however I always assumed that was harder.

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We used to make taffy as kids. My mother was taught by her French mother and so on and so on, with candy making and baking…. I was so lucky.

That looks close to what I remember.

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Thanks, I’l definitely try that one.

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My mother and I made and pulled taffy when I was 5–6. Great fun.

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With my mother’s help, I did it with my friends when I was in junior high. We made an evening of it. Our “taffy pull” was a unusual party and lots of fun.

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That recipe above is almost exactly like the one I use whenever I make taffy. Just make sure you dont get the sugar too hot, the hotter it gets, the harder its going to be when it cools.

You should also probably invest in a candy thermometer, they’re pretty cheap if i recall correctly, and pretty damn useful

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Yea like @uberbatman said You definately wanna get a candy thermometer because once the sugar reaches a certain temperature about 265 degrees for taffy, if you continue cooking it will go into other stages like hard crack used for Hard candies. If you dont have a thermometer on hand you can always check the sugar by dropping a spoonful in a cup of ice water. If ready, when pulled out it should be somewhat pliable and strech small threads before it cracks.

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