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How is the i in "anti" pronounced?

Asked by weeveeship (4584points) December 12th, 2010

i as in “high”?
(e.g. antibiotics)


i as in “igloo”?
(I’ve heard people say anti this way before)

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The latter of course.
Though you may use the former as well, if you so wish.

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I don’t think I’ve ever heard the second pronunciation… I hear the first, and another one, like “ee”.

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My answer is the same as @augustlan. I’ve only heard the first way pronounced, and some people say it like “ee”.

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Who says ee-gloo?

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I’ve only ever heard it the second way in the UK. The first way is American only, I think.

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It’s ih-gloo.
Not ee-gloo.

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@breedmitch LOL! :) I’ve never heard anyone say ee-gloo, either. I meant that I’ve heard “anti” pronounced with the “ee” sound.

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not as in How about getting off of these antibiotics i speak the Queens, and it is pronounced ant-ee

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@mammal So do you say “ant-ee beeotics”?

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@DrasticDreamer no i say counter-biotics just to be difficult :P

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Haha… never heard “eegloo” either. I have heard quite a few people say “anteebeeotics”, though. Now, I wouldn’t say that’s correct, at least not in America.

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I would say “antee-bye-otics”

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an – tea or an – tee

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As far as I know, in the USA (maybe Canada as well? someone else will have to enlighten me) it’s usually ant-eye, while everywhere else uses the short i.

There may be some differences between the uses of i and ee, but I think it mainly comes down to how people pronounce specific words, for example, antibiotics vs anti-aging. (Well, they’re both the same to me, but that’s the best possible reason I can think of)

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I am an ANT-EE-Chrrrrist

From God save the Queen’s English

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Until @mammal‘s post, the only word under consideration was antibiotics. The variation in pronunciation can be regional as well as dependent on the root word that follows the “anti” prefix.

Some Americans who say ant-eye-biotics do, in fact, say ant-ee-Christ.and ant-ee-aircraft. Curiously, the same individual may say ant-eye-biotics yet commonly use auntie-body or auntie-freeze and will switch between ant-eye-depressant and auntie-depressant.

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Let’s not leave out the Southern (US) variation of an-tuh-bi-ot-ics, an-tie-air-craft, an-tuh-christ.

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It’s not the double “e” sound – that’s an extended sound represented by /i:/. The IPA for the sound under duscussion is /i/. has examples of two variants of the pronunciation:

/ˈæntaɪ, ˈænti/

However, that ignores the variety in human communication: phoneme sets are idiolectical and and even vary in their use by the same person. The Cambridge Advanced Learners’ Dictionary has other examples.

@kayak: Are you sure people say /‘a:ntI’bɒdi/ ?

/pəˈteɪtəʊ/ /pəˈta:təʊ/...

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In Ontario I’ve heard both pronunciations (antee and ant-eye) for pretty much every word that I can think of that includes “anti”. The only exception I can think of is antifreeze – I’ve never, ever heard anyone say ant-eye-freeze.

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People mix up pronunciations because of similarly spelled words that seem to have similar meanings but are different – such as mixing up anti- with ante- . and regional differences have softened the long i. So “antidisestablishment” I have always heard with “eye” but “anti-biotics” got slurred into a soft i.

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Depends on the word. Antibiotics I normally hear as antEYEbiotics, but antifreeze, antiChrist, anti-something would be antEE.

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Antee-oxidants; antidiluvial, antihdote, antee-war.

Idiosyncratic and regional choices, for the most part.

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I say “ant-eye-bee-otics” I don’t know why, I know its not right but I can’t say it right….5 years working as a pharmacy tech you get jagged a lot for that too…

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Two different ways of saying the same thing.

I say anteee.

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Antifreeze may be heard using any of the 3 pronunciations. Depends on where you live, I would think. Then again, you may never hear it at all in Hawaii.
Let’s do roof next. How do you pronounce roof? Or root?

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I say “ant ee” and “ant eye” personally.

Guess someone could call me a flip flopper. :)

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it depends on the word. Antifreeze is Ant-E and Antimatter is Ant-I

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