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What's the most basic difference between two people?

Asked by Javad (15points) December 12th, 2010

What’s the most basic difference(s) between us, that cause other differences?

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Um… bags of skin? Are you talking about the lens of perception? That’s way too much information to put into this format.

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This is not a question that really has an answer.

We are the same, thus we are humanity.
We are not the same, and we are not humanity.

Half of both those things. The difference is EVERYTHING that isn’t present in “humanity”, which in turn can’t really be defined. Are there people here who aren’t trolls?

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Like @nebule said, we are only .1% different from each other and it’s that .1% that can cause hate, ignorance, and wars.

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I think the word “soul” refers to that difference.

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The fact that we’re all different people with each a different view on the world.
The perspective that any person has of him-/herself is one from the inside out, while the perspective that a person has on others, is one from the outside in.

The consequence of that is that everyone’s world is unique and different.
To illustrate: my world differs from the world of all other people, since I may be present in theirs, as one of the other people, while as such I will never be present in my own.

Hope that makes sense.

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It’s the similarities that cause the differences. Peas in a pod will argue over who is more green.

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The exclusive solitude of individual consciousness.

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The fact that, philosophically speaking, the only thing that either of them can be absolutely certain of is that they (the mind doing the thinking) exist. Anything else is up for questioning, including the perceived “existence” of “other people”.

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@Jeruba some serious lurve for that answer xxx

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