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How thoroughly do you chew your food?

Asked by daytonamisticrip (4859points) December 12th, 2010

Do you quickly woof it down without chewing, or do you chew it into mush? Do you have a counting method such as chewing each bite 15 times?

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I basically swallow whole chunks like a Boa. How wrong that is. It leads to a variety of digestion problems! I have an uncle though, who chews food so well it is pulp by the time he swallows. Needless to say the man has no stomach problems!

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I like the boa constrictor method as well for things such as meatloaf….except I don’t inhale…I strangle it and bury it in a shallow roadside grave.
As for things I like,that gets vacuumed up and not tasted in any way. ;)

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Unless it’s already mush then I make it into mush. I’m one of the slowest eaters I know but I really do like to taste and enjoy the food, keeps me from eating more of it just because it tastes so good.

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“Whuh?” * swallow* “I didn’t” * chomp * “hurr whuh yuh” * swallow * “said.” * Chomp *

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They don’t call me Chew-bacca for nothing! Well actually nobody calls me that, just seemed like a funny thing to say at the time. I feel all silly now :¬)

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I absorb it through my fingertips.

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I keep finding myself very close to choking because I don’t chew my food very well. I really need to work on that.

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I chew quite thoroughly because it helps me to enjoy the taste of the food. The added benefit of aiding my digestion is nice.

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He doesn’t have a lot of teeth. He has his molars, though, so, he chews it well.

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Being an American and a former restaurant/hotel employee, food tends to get gulped down.

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I chew just enough where I don’t choke; or about 15–20 chews.

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My active days are very hectic, and I always end up skipping meals and shit, so when I do eat I basically just tear things to pieces and let my stomach acid do the rest. And as if I’m gonna count every time I’m chewing something. XD

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Not enough.

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