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Experiment to help my nephew! Which direction do you see this dancer spinning?

Asked by LKidKyle1985 (6589points) December 12th, 2010

This is an experiment for my Nephew, he wants to know what direction you see the spinning dancer dancing and also if you are right handed or left handed.

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I saw that spinning counterclockwise for the first 10 or 15 seconds, then the other way around (i was doing math right before looking at it then i started reading the text and it started going the other way, since i changed active brain side). I’m right handed in everything except eating (i use the knife with my left hand).

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Clockwise. And I could make it change. I’m left-handed.

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I am right handed,but could swith it’s direction as well.I feel very magical now ;)

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I was distracted by the scenery, now what was the question?

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Clockwise and I can’t make it appear to go the opposite way. I’m right handed.
edit: a few more seconds and I did get her to switch directions. How cool.

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At first it looked like she was spinning in a clockwise direction, which I could change. Then I got to the point in the accompanying article where it said to look on the right side or left side and watch her in peripheral vision. From her left, it seemed like she was spinning 180 degrees, but facing away. From her right, it seemed like she was facing me.

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I tried to make her switch but couldn’t do it until I closed one eye, and then only for an instant. Usually I can see all views of an optical-illusion design, but they’ve always been static ones.

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I have seen this now about 10 times and each time I think it is fake and each time I eventually can manipulate it at will and each time it makes me dizzy as hell after ten minutes! It always starts clockwise and I am RH.

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@Cruiser, what do you mean by “each time I think it is fake”? A fake experiment?

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@Jeruba At first I thought it was simply a random generated rotation “gimmick”. But time I then out I played with it more than a few minutes I am able to change it at will.

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Ah—you mean that you thought it wouldn’t really change direction for you?

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@Jeruba Not the first couple times…as I have a short attention span. Yesterday I had some fun with it where I scrolled the screen up to where all I could see is the center leg and the shadow. Try that and switch your gaze from the black foot to the grey shadow! Instant reversal. Yes, short attention span and easily amused! XD

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@Cruiser, what I’m trying to get at is—what did you think was fake? the image? the experiment? the reversibility?

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@Jeruba The whole thing! I thought was a randomly generated illusion and also think people apply a sense of scientific right brain/left brain importance to the illusion where there really is none.

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