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When do you think the price of wheat per pound will exceed the price of gold?

Asked by cornman (737points) April 7th, 2008 from iPhone
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Supply & Demand. So either we’d have to get a massive influx of gold into circulation (like we discovered a huge mountain made of pure gold, or we figure out how to mine it from asteroids cheaply), or we would need to have a massive shortage of wheat (probably more likely). If wheat was ever scarce enough that it was worth more than gold, I would imagine our planet would have to be in some major apocalyptic scenario, and I’m not particularly good at predicting those. Damn you Y2K….

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My Dad has a bakery. He was telling us yesterday at Sunday dinner, where he served store brand rolls instead of his own French bread that the price of flour has gone up so much. It is partly because of higher gas. He has had to go up 34 cents a loaf since February.

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The prices of both wheat and gold would tend to rise in an apocalyptic scenario. By the time wheat was being sold at a higher price per pound than gold, the global economic system would have already fallen through, and markets would be highly localized.

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@ninechars “the prices of both wheat and gold would tend to rise in and apocalyptic scenario.”

Unless that apocalyptic scenario was that an asteroid made of pure gold hit the planet….

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I’ll bet some geneticist will clone a chimeric winged pig before that happens. I think that should be done just so we could call events that happen thereafter “Anteflugschweinian”.

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Hey I think I can make use of “flugschweinian” right now, eg. “Wheat may rise to such prices in the flugshweinian period.”

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