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How much to tip a caregiver that has only worked 2 months?

Asked by chyna (42562points) December 12th, 2010

Also, how close to Christmas should the tip be given?

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If the caregiver will be working Christmas week, then wait until the last day before the holiday that she is working.

For a personal caregiver who has been there a whole year, the recommendation is one week’s salary. I would think you could make it one sixth of that. So a day’s pay?

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I agree completely with @marinelife. In the past when I did personal care within the home, I have typically received one week’s pay for a holiday “tip” or “bonus.” A short period of time like two months? I would say one day’s pay.

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Thanks! I was thinking along those lines, but didn’t want to short change her.

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I was just having a similar conversation with my sister who manages assisted living facilities. I don’t know if it’s the same for in home caregivers but in facilities, it is illegal (in the states she operates in anyway) for the staff to accept gifts and gratuities because of the high potential for elder exploitation.
I don’t know if your caregiver is hired privately or through an agency, but if they are through an agency, they probably have a policy prohibiting tips.

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The care giver we have is private pay. Actually there are two of them, one for the day shift, one for the evening shift. But that is a good point about not accepting tips if they are hired through an agency.

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