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Did anyone watch the preview for the next Amazing Race (Unfinished Business)?

Asked by Blueroses (18251points) December 12th, 2010

I knew the next season’s cast would be all previous racers and I’ve been checking the spoiler sites. They all seem to have their list from the same source and it didn’t entirely match what I saw on the official preview.

Am I crazy, or didn’t I see Matt & Gary (aka Pinky and The Brain) in the official video? I’d love to think they are returning. Did anybody else see them?

Nobody has the official teaser posted anywhere for rewatching and CBS has not released the cast list.

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I did actually. But I haven’t watched Amazing Race in a long time…like, maybe since it was a has-been. A couple months ago, when I heard it was still on, I was really shocked. I only watched it because I’m a bit sick.

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I noticed Vixen

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I wasn’t seeing things. Unless CBS is pulling a fast one with the trailer, they outsmarted the spoiler boards. Gary and Matt were present (Go, Montana) ! I also know I saw Margie and Luke, Cowboys and the Globetrotters.

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