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What is the best text editor for HTML/XHTML/CSS/PHP/SQL on Ubuntu?

Asked by crisedwards (329points) December 12th, 2010

I just switched over to Ubuntu from OSX (where I used Panic Coda for dev; loved loved it) and now I am a little unsure of the apps available for Ubuntu. Trying Bluefish and PHPAnywhere (web app) but they seem to be lacking in the SQL support. I don’t mind paying for something that is great. But…what is it?

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Take a look at Geany

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gedit is a good multi-purpose editor, but it’s not so great for web development.
I’ve used gPHPEdit, Geany and Bluefish in the past, and Bluefish is the one to which I keep coming back.
gPHPEdit is very nice for PHP, but has no special SQL features as far as I can tell.

Software Center has a program called “MySQL Query Browser” which includes a “syntax highlighting SQL editor”, so that might be useful to you.

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If you want everything and the kitchensink, and have powerful enough hardware, try PHPEclipse. There’s a lot of features, meaning that it takes a while to figure out, but once you’ve done that, it’s awesome.

I must say I did like Bluefish though, really light-weight , yet it has a decent amount of features.

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