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What's more productive: blowing or picking your nose?

Asked by robmandu (21285points) April 7th, 2008

It’s okay. No one’s looking. You’re alone for the moment (in the car, at work, at the movies, on a date). Whatcha gonna do?

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between driving and fluthering and having boogers…........ Easier to pick.

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Depends: It is gooey or dry?

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Both. Either. Neither. You tell us. It’s your nose.

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If it’s gooey obviously I’m gonna blow my nose. If it’s dry a quick pick will do. I’m not going to lie. Everyone picks their nose. From age 1–99

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Well, blowing the nose, turns out, may actually cause mucus to be propelled back into the sinus cavities.

That’s not a good thing in general, and if you’ve ever felt it happen, it can be quite uncomfortable.

Plus it seems like there’s really not to be had with blowing… you can blow a hole in the tissue, ricochet nastiness back onto your face, etc.

OTOH, picking is just nasty… gotta be in a bathroom with some good soap right at hand, and even then it’s not really sanitary.


Anyone got a third option?

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It goes to your stomach in the end anyways. Also, the inside of your nasal cavity isn’t any more dirty than your hands are at any given moment.

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probaly nose picking especialy if you have nails to scrape the boogers.

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Both. I like having my nose clean any way I can get it. I hate the ones that you can’t pick out so you have to blow really hard

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@robmandu, if you’re looking for a third option, There’s always the good ol’ farmer’s hankie. But.. not in the car.. \:P

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@ robmandu ~ thanks for the link… and after so many years, I find out my quirky way of blowing my nose is the correct way according to that article. Funny!

I personally ascribe to the pilosophy of “the right tool for the right job.” Thus, it depends as previously stated on the consistency of the matter I’m removing from my nose.

@ Delirium ~ I know, it’s pretty gross

@ all ~ but here is a scary (to me at least) albeit completely true option I saw the other day at my local Bed Bath & Beyond :

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