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How much value or use to you would your computer have if it could not use the Internet?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26806points) December 12th, 2010

Take away your computer or laptop’s ability to surf the Web, email, IM, go online to check the weather, movie tickets, repair shops, video conference or anything that involves using the Internet how valuable would your computer still be to you or would it lose most of its usefulness?

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I would still (just) be able to continue my work developing web-based solutions as the suite of PCs in my office have all the functionality I need. But I wouldn’t be able to connect with others, look up technical articles, listen to Spotify or procrastinate on Fluther while I did so, and I wouldn’t be able to deploy the finished products.

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A lot.

I use it for writing, photo editing, and music stuff.

None of that requires the interwebz.

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I would still use it typing documents, books, manuscripts etc.

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It would lose about 85% of its usefulness but I would still use for writing, photographs, and spreadsheets.

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I have a program that helps me design needlepoint, but I used to do it all on graph paper anyway, so – without e-mail, zero.

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I use it for mindmapping. I use freemind software offline. I can’t use mindmeister, coz it’s an online mindmapping website.

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I surf the web in advance so I’d be good for about a month and then I’d go insane.

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It’s a great storage unit for photos ;)

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It would make a fine word processor.

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I would probably get a lot more done with the genealogy program I have.

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I would probably do what I did before I really became interested in the internet…...... play games!!!

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I bought my first PC in the mid-80s. I remember signing up for CompuServe at some point back then, but I didn’t spend a lot of time with it. I did spend a fair amount of time playing games.

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It would lose a good bit of value for me if my computer did not have internet access. I took online classes (and probably will again soon) and the internet has been my main source of keeping in touch with my husband this past year. Sure, we can write letters to each other and mail them to each other (we did that too), but they take longer to get there and aren’t the same as having a conversation in real time. I also play games online. Yes, I could still play those games without the online portion, but I enjoy it, so it would be a loss to me.

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Nothing at all. I need the internet connection to check my mail, watch Youtube videos, do my school work through word since I use Skydrive.
I could manage living without a computer but it will take quite some time to adjust to being with no computer.

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I was on my computer all the time even before the internet. Writing, building spreadsheets, tracking data and analyzing it. Creating projects and art work, and manipulating pictures. I mean, all the software worked on the computers without the internet, just as they work now with the internet.

The computer is an incredible tool. The computer plus internet is even better. And don’t forget we had online connections via modem to other computers and to information long before the internet as we know it came along.

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I do a lot of writing and photo editing, so for me, even if it didn’t have the internet, it is still a valuable tool. Plus I make a lot of charts for home use to keep track of all sorts of things like when to give my dad his pills, to chart our exercise, to grocery lists, Xmas lists, vacation packing lists, and emergency medical information that I keep posted on the fridge (that lists all medications, conditions and allergies, plus name, age and medical record number) so I can hand it directly to a paramedic or doctor if I have to (I’ve had to do that several times and realized that when you’re in a panic, you cannot even remember your own parent’s birthday let alone all the medications they take). Since the information changes regularly, with regard to the meds and the dosages, the computer makes it much easier to change it quickly.

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Honestly it would lose about 90% of its value to me, I would still use it for writing and maybe an occasional computer game, but the vast majority of things that I use the computer for are online, so it would be practically pointless to me.

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Hardly any on my personal computer. It isn’t used for anything other than the internet.

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I would still use mine for writing. Research would be harder though. I’d have to actually use the library. I would probably play more computer games too: I more or less stopped gaming when I started using the internet.

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A lot more useful than if it could only use the internet, i.e. Google’s Chrome OS.

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I still game, view videos and pics, play music, edit all sorts of multimedia stuff, do spreadsheets, etcetera. The internet is just a bonus for me.

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My primary computer (my old one, got in 2004) never had internet until maybe 2008, by which time it was no use.

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My first computer had a ten inch screen and I loved it. I didn’t know an internet existed. I’d use it as a word processor, draw pictures, make flyers for organizations and greeting cards for all occasions, menus for special dinners. I’d keep recipes, jokes, stuff I wanted to remember. I’d make lists and organize information. It helped me prepare materials for lesson plans. I think the internet is great, but I got good use out of my computer (a Mac) before it was available.

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Keeps the room warm…
We play DVDs on the mac mini that’s hooked up to the TV.
I do lots of photo editing on the computer and print ‘em out occasionally.

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I would still use it a lot, for art and writing, and keeping organised.

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