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How do I set up my computer against others using my internet?

Asked by ldr259 (11points) December 13th, 2010

I do not want anyone outside my house using my wireless router.

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What wireless router do you have and what operating system are you running on your computer? What you’re really looking for is “how do I create a secure wireless network?”

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Put a password on your wireless. Then don’t tell people the password.

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D-Link, Microsoft 07, How do I put the password on the wireless?
Thanks for your responses.

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See your router’s manual, specifically the part about WPA2 security.

If you do not have a copy you can download the manual from

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You can set a wireless router password by router synopsis。

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Thank you for your answers. However, I need the see Spot run version of directions. I have the d-link DI-624 and even though I looked at the manual I am no further along in my quest.

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DI-624 router, nice, I had one of those for years it was very reliable. There are different versions of the DI-624, yours may be slightly different than my instructions, if you do not have WPA2 or WPA-PSK use WEP

Here are the instructions.

In a web browser, go to the router’s settings page. (it should be )

Login in
User name = admin
password is blank, there is no password (by default, if somebody added one and you do not know it you need to reset the router to factory settings, see manual)

Click on Wireless on the left side menu

Choose an SSID (name for your network, it can be whatever you like)

Write down the SSID, you will need it for any computers connecting wirelessly to your router.

Choose Authentication: WPA2 or WPA-PSK or WEP (WPA2 is best, WPA-PSK is good, WEP is just OK)

Make up a passphrase (Make up anything, 8 to 63 characters)

Write down the passphrase, you will need it for any computers connecting wirelessly to your router.

Enter the Passphrase

Click Apply

Your router will restart


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I love the expression ‘my Internet’. Classy.

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Wow! Thank you so much for your detail. I got as far as the SSID on my own and chickened out. This is just wonderful!!

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There is nothing to be scared of. Worst case scenario is that you have to hold the reset button on it for a few seconds to restore it to “factory original” condition and start again. You can’t permanently break anything, so don’t worry.

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