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Does anyone know a psychologist familiar with ABA in the NY. NJ. area who could evaluate my son at school?

Asked by philosopher (9152points) December 13th, 2010

I have been told by other Professionals and my insurance company that the people who say they can do it are high balling us.
I would appreciate your help.

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I work with an autistic boy part time using ABA therapy. He has a psychologist who is our “team leader” (there’s 5 tutors including myself, then also his mother). Once a month the psychologist comes and observes him at his school, and then has a meeting with us, observing as needed and getting all of us on the same page.

Assuming your son is autistic, you could try asking other parents at his school whom they use, if anyone. You could also try different psychology groups (i’m sure they have websites) or things of that nature. I would offer you the name of our psychologist, but unfortunately we’re in Ohio so I doubt it would do you much good.

Best of luck.

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Maybe contact some of the Universities that have grad programs in ABA (I think Florida Institue of Tech has one) and see if anybody is from your area? They might be willing to do referrals, and someone newly practicing has the advantage of latest info (if not experience) and might be lower priced. Good luck with all that!

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