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Can you name that Sci-Fi film?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1428points) December 13th, 2010

Ok, here’s my latest film identification request.
I remember watching a Sci-Fi / Action/ Escape film, if I’m not mistaken with Arnold Schwarzenegger.. but not sure.).
In this film the protagonists were imprisoned in a crude, dictatorial jail. A rough Futuristic scenario. inmate friends
I just remember a scene in particular when one of the new-found inmate friends befriended by the small group, takes off his human hand (!) and slowly unfolds his natural one, unfolding an ET-like looking limb.Three long fingers (i think).
The main issue of g the film was to escape from this prison, if I’m not mistaken.
Any ideas?
Oh, by the way.. I do hope this question can continues for other users to post for unremembered sci-fi films as well.
Cheers, all..

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I remember Arnold doing that in Terminator 2, to convince a scientist that he was from the future.

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Total Recall?

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The thing with the hand is Total Recall. Mars was pretty crappy in places.

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Hmm.. I see. I remember watching this film some years ago.. . By the video quality I remember thinking it might’ve been from the late 80’s / early 90’s.
Another detail, the guy with the alien hand was played by an Afro-American actor, if that helps specify further.
Terminator 2.. hm I don’t think it’s that one because it wasn’t arnold to take his hand off in this film.
It’s true, though that I haven’t seen Total Recall yet.. so I don’t know. Is it rather recent?
@@Nullo @aprilsimnel @Dr_Dredd

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The Running Man.

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@Anatelostaxus I think it’s Total Recall, then. @aprilsimnel got it. Benny was the guy with the mutant hand, and he was played by an African-American actor

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@Anatelostaxus Total Recall was made in 1990.

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I believe you are thinking of “Total Recall”. However, it was not a prison, it was a colony on Mars.

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yes it is Total Recall… Arne plays Quade a mole on Mars.. and his mind gets messed up

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Definitely Total Recall, but as has been pointed out, it wasn’t a prison.

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I agree. Total Recall.

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The ET like hand indicates Total Recall.

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By your description it sounds like a hybrid of The Running Man (the futuristic doctoral jail) and Total Recall (the mutant with the artificial hand and the unfolding real ET hand).

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@AstroChuck Hence my answer previously. I mean if it’s Total Recall @Anatelostaxus….. that ain’t no prison!

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Very well, my fellow inmates.. You are all right. Total Recall it is.
I watched it again after so long.. and indeed it was not a prison.
Aah.. that was satisfying.
good, good. very helpful. Thanks again, all.

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Yep. Solved. Cheers people.

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Total recall for sure, the guy (a taxi driver) had five kids he had to feed and was actually one of the bad guys (who had no kids) and it wasn’t a prison but one of quatro’s followers hiding places.

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