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Curious; what's your makeup (heritage)

Asked by Jude (32098points) December 13th, 2010


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Something like 50% Ukrainian, 35% Polish and 15% Irish, English and Scottish.

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German, Italian, Swedish and Polish! I’m a mutt!!

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80% english, 20% Cherokee Indian. my great great grandfather was on the ship with Columbus when America was discovered. he also stepped on Plymouth Rock. i’m proud.

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French Acadian, German and Welsh.

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German, Danish, Italian, Polish, and just a hair of native american.

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German, English, Irish and Welsh. I do have a coat of arms for my family name.

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My mom was French/Italian and my dad was French/German.

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“The more I consider these people, the more I believe they are the happiest in the world.”—French governor Daniel Subercase, 1708

(talking about Acadian/Cajun)

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100% Texan for multiple generations on both sides.

As for the distant make-up, I’m your basic mutt with everything from French kings to a Cherokee g-g-granddad.

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75% Scottish, 25% English

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One half ass… the other half whole.

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Russian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Russian. (The borders moved around so sometimes they were Polish.)

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Cherokee Indian, Irish, French, and Scottish (in order from most to least).

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Oh boy…

I am about 1/8 Sicilian, Lebanese, and Lithuanian. I also have some Blackfoot blood, but my family is unsure how far back it goes. I am also English and Welsh, and those pretty much make up the rest of me. There is some German and Swiss here and there as well.

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My mom is Cherokee Indian and my dad is German/Irish.

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Mostly German and Norwegian, but I’m a mutt as well and have ancestors from pretty much every European country…although as far as I know, not very many of the Mediterranean ones. I also am Cherokee and Osage.
Some of my heritage is actually a mystery, since my great grandfather was adopted and he was never interested in finding out who his birth parents were. So, there has been some debate in the family as to whether or not we should try to track down the remainder of his birth family and find out that aspect of our heritage.
Aren’t family mysteries kind of odd?

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Mexican and Spanish from my father’s side. German, English, Dutch, Irish, Russian, and Native American (not sure which tribe) from my mother’s side.

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Been told by the girlfriend and many others that I look like a Frenchy (dark hair), but, I have blue eyes.

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About 75% Scottish (including both sides of the family). My mother’s grandmother was born in Glasgow and we have long-lost family in Scotland.

The remainder is a hodge-podge of Portugese, Welsh, English, Dutch, German, and French.

I am guessing I look pretty Scottish, as I got asked for directions several times when we were there. At least, I like to think that’s what it is, anyway. :P

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@gailcalled We’re probably cousins. My mother’s ancestors hail from that part of the world that has sometimes been Prussia, sometimes Poland, sometimes Lithuania, and sometimes Belorus.

On my father’s side, our ancestors come from England and the Netherlands. We know of at least one forefather that entered the country in the 1600s before it became the U.S. I believe they were farmers in those times.

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The furthest I’ve been able to track down, I had a great, great, etc., grandfather who was in the Revolutionary War (fighting for independence). Born in 1750ish in England, died in 1804, and is buried in Rockland, NY.

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Irish, with a teensy tad of English.

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Welsh, German and I need to do more genealogy. My dad added Scottish when we discussed it once but I haven’t found proof yet.

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Russian Jewish on both sides

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As far as I know, 100% English. However my dad (and most of my relatives on that side of the family) have a Greek or Turkish look.

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I love Russian Jews.

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And some of them love you.

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French on my dad’s side from an area called Alsace Lorraine, from where that quiche gets it’s name (or German depending upon what year the border was changed back and forth) but our name is French. English and Irish on my mom’s side. My cat is himalayan : )

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@Kardamom On my Mama’s side, her Mom was from Alsace Lorraine. Their last name was German.

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European on my father’s side, Choctaw Indian on my mothers side, mixed with European

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I’m half-and-half, Polish (from my Father) and Irish (from my Mother). My name shows that perfect 50–50 split. Until you factor in my middle name, which ruins it all, and makes me 150% of a person, and part Scottish.

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American, really. The last immigrants in my family were in the 1860’s, from Canada (Scotland, originally), and Bohemia. Past that there is German, Irish, Sioux, and more Scottish. Some of my greats are born in America in the 1600’s (not including the Sioux side).

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US here. While going back through the generations, the marjority is German with a dash of Britian. In reality, by the time it comes down to my generation, it is more of a 57 Heinz variety. The German stereotype still seems to show up though.

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Half Italian.

The other half is a mixed bag of Cajun, Creole (a ton of my family is from Louisiana), English, Scots-Irish, Cherokee, and Scandinavian (which I only recently found out about).

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German, irish, hungarian-jewish, and a smidge of cherokee

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I am 75% German and 25% Irish.

As far as my name goes, it’s very Irish.

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75% Russian (from Caucasus region) and 25% Armenian.

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50% Korean, God knows how much Scottish and Irish (My guess is anywhere between 45–49%), with a little bit of English and Welsh, and an even smaller amount of Native American, and a microscopic drop half of which is Hispanic, and the other half African American.

Also 50–100% badass, am either directly or indirectly related to Abraham Lincoln, don’t know for sure.

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Probably 50% Cantonese (Mom) and 50% Mandarin (Dad). Overall,I’m a Chinese so that makes no difference for my appearance.

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Russian, Norwegian, Czechoslovakian and Hungarian. Heinz 57 :) 100% Cleveland, Ohioan!

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25% Scottish + 25% English + 50% English-background South African = 100% Australian.

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the Eastern European Jewish mix so commonly found in American Ashkenazic Jews. I hear that part of my family hails from a town on the Black Sea where the Jews are known for having red hair and bad tempers.

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