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Why can't I install Windows Live Messenger?

Asked by mangeons (12195points) December 13th, 2010

I’ve had Windows Live Messenger for awhile now, but I had to uninstall it because it hadn’t been working quite right, so I thought uninstalling and reinstalling might fix it. I went to the website like usual and clicked “Download”, which then prompted me to save it. I opened the file and clicked “Run”, which should have made it install as usual. Instead, all that comes up is this error message.

In the meantime I’ve been using regular Windows Messenger, but that routinely signs me out and it won’t show me when other contacts sign on. If someone could help me with this, I’d greatly appreciate it!

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As you’ve got Windows Messenger I’m assuming you’re using XP. If that’s the case the answer is simple. Windows Live Messenger 2011 (the latest release) isn’t XP compatible.

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Oh, well that would probably make sense. How can I download an earlier version then? Whenever I search it, it only comes up with the 2011 version.

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Last weekend I downloaded Messenger 7. something on my wifes computer, so it is still available.

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After some digging around, I finally found a link to download the 2010 version. Thanks @Lightlyseared for the information!

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