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How is it possible for my hair to be curly on some days and almost completely straight on others?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (26789points) December 13th, 2010

I don’t mean throughout periods of my life, I mean from day to day. The majority of the time it has a lot of natural wave, but there are times (like today) where it is loaded with springy curls. Other days it’s quite straight.

I really thought your hair type was meant to be a relatively steady thing. You have curly hair or you don’t. I air dry my hair the majority of the time, and I don’t use any styling products.

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Humidity will do that.

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@filmfann maybe that’s it.

There have just been times that I’ve had my hair done and the stylist will comment on my natural curl, and I can think of a specific time when I was talking about my curl and a stylist looked at me like I was crazy. “Your hair is poker straight, girl.”
I just wonder if many other people have this inconsistency with their own hair. I really thought it was a uniform thing.

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When I was younger, my hair was hobbit long. It would curl on some days, and just be wavey on others. It was always connected to humidity or the kind of shampoo I used.

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Humidity,baby! Humidity! ;)

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Humidity makes your hair get all curly and wavy. I used to hate it, because I wanted straight hair. Now I’m just glad I have any hair at all.

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Mine too – it’s the humidity. In winter, it’s often much straighter because of dry indoor heat.

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I shave my head so I don’t have that problem but I think its humidity. Only thing that comes to mind really. What else could it be?

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Must be. :)

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