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How do I play "The Secret World" by ?

Asked by CaptainHarley (22414points) December 13th, 2010

Do I need to buy the game, or do I need to buy X-Box, or do I need to sign up online, or some combination of those… or something else? I can find nothing that explains the process to an old non-gamer like me! : )

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It’s not released yet.

According to the site, it will be for Xbox 360 and PC, but you will need to buy it. There’s a good chance that your computer will not run it, however, it does one one of its accolade pages it lists “next-gen graphics” as a plus, so you will need a fairly new computer to run it, or an Xbox 360.

Here is the game’s website, Machinima is just the site that has the trailer up, they’re not the developers.

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Kewl! Thank you, @dverhey ! : ))

From the trailers, it looks pretty awesome! : )

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@CaptainHarley According to a couple sites, it may carry a monthly subscription fee, but that’s something that losing some popularity all around, so I’d definitely wait until it’s released to be completely sure about that.

But yeah, it does look pretty neat. Hoping it gets released sometime soon, it looks like it’s been delayed a little while.

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I’m not usually much for first person shooter games, but this one seems to have some really interesting twists to it. I thought maybe even old dudes could try it! : D

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