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How to delete files from a CD?

Asked by Joker94 (8180points) December 13th, 2010

I am burning a CD for a friend, and somehow my computer accidentally burned different files to the CD. Every time I go into Windows Explorer or My Computer to delete the files off the CD, I get a message saying it is a “read-only” file and that it could not be deleted. Is there any way I can delete the files from the disk to make it blank again?

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I don’t think this is possible… you’ll need to use a fresh blank CD.

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Yeah can’t be done:(

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Unless you specifically bought re-writable CDs, unfortunately you can’t delete files and put more on. You’ll have to use another one. If you did buy a re-writable CD, are you using a specific program to burn the files on? Maybe there’s a re-write option in one of the menus.

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It wasn’t a re-writable :/ Ah well, it’s not big deal. Thanks for the help, guys!

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CDs are, by and large, permanent. If you absolutely have to get the data off of the disk (such as to avoid incrimination) you nuke the sucker.

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Most of the above answers are in a way incorrect.

If when you burned it, you selected the option to add data, you can in fact remove some data but not the filename.

All you have to do is create a blank file with the same name as the one you want to delete on the CD and then write it onto the same CD. It will ask whether to replace. Click “Yes” and you’ll have a file with the same name but no data.

There is also an option to erase non re-writables (for security) but you obviously cant reuse.

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You could always take a hammer to the thing.

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