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Can you describe your favourite daily - view?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8235points) December 13th, 2010

We all have our own favourite view. The one that gives us an impression,change our life,take us into another world,etc.

For me,my favourite view is when I see morning,yellowish,and warm sunlight go through my living room windows. The harmony of the room goes so slowly as the time and atmosphere melt as one. Quiet,but some chirping from the birds will never disturb the world of solitude. The sky has never been so blue and clean. The wind blows my face with patience,and it brings along its enthusiastic fragrance. And that brings back my childhood memory,a happy memory.

So,if you got one please share with us. Be descriptive!

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The view from all around my house that sits on a little over 5 acres.

The front is a tiny, narrow road with 20 something acres of forestland across the road.

My front yard is on a hill and has lawn and huge Oak trees and a ranch gate.

The left side is bordered by my neighbors 6 acres with 1 Llama, 2 mules, 4 sheep and a draft horse in an Oak studded pasture.

The right side looks out over my pasture, which is pastoral. lol

Grassy with huge 200–300-400 or more year old Oaks covered in thick brilliant green moss right now.

My bedroom window overlooks the pasture at night and is beautiful during the full moons.

The back is my deck overlooking a hillside and ravine with a seasonal creek and huge mossy Black and Heritage Oaks.

This is an historical area and I wouldn’t be surprised if I had the graves of 49ers and local indians buried under some of these huge old trees. ;-)

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The sunrise over the river is a very nice sight.My neighbor’s wife in her leopard print “love outfit”, standing in her kitchen isn’t ;)

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When I leave for work at just the right time, I catch the sunrise—those incredible colors. And that, my friends, fills me with happiness and a sense of peace that is rarely equalled any other time on most days.

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Driving down from the mountains into the bottom of the canyon when there is a low-lying fog over the town below in the distance. I love how the wisps of mist start to swirl around the car and it feels like I’m driving into an alien place.

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I go here to equalize everything that may be tugging and me. At this river bend I can skips stones, watch the woodpeckers, foxes, coyotes and deer do their thing….an hour or so there and I am ready to take it all on one more time!!

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My living room and kitchen have a view of the sunset, farmland and train tracks. I can watch trains travel from one town to another, a distance of 8 miles, right from my living room. For some reason I find this amazing. I watch Amtrak travel by 6 times a day. I can’t wait for the circus train. :P

My favorite view is the storms that pass through. I can see them coming and going for miles.

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Since retiring, I no longer have to go out into the world each day, so my only daily views are all around my single-story house in a fairly close urban neighborhood. There’s not much of a view from my windows in any direction, although I do like the trees and flowering shrubs in our back yard. And I always enjoy the westward view from our big living room window just at sunset, with the trees silhouetted against a glowing sky. When it’s raining, that’s where I like to sit and watch.

But my favorite daily view is actually indoors, in my purple-walled room. This is not a bedroom but my own office or study, and it has a quiet corner, the space opposite my desk, where I like to read and nap. At the moment it is directly behind me. It looks like this.

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The sun rising over the sea on a distant hazy horizon! Of course it’s distant….it’s the bloody horizon!! What am I talking about XD

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We have a pond in front of our house and I really love cloudy, windy days or just before a good storm when the wind whips the water into tiny waves. I imagine tiny people down there running for shelter and it brings back my childhood of visiting Holly Beach in Louisiana and numerous beaches here in North Carolina! I love the wind!

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My favorite day to day view is that of my back yard. We have some very nice rock work complete with a waterfall around our pool that we completed this summer. Even now that the weather is turning colder I love watching the birds play in the waterfall in the morning as well as in the evening.

As nice as that is though, it does not compare to a nice fall morning in one of the several hunting blinds at “the ranch” watching the sun rise and listening to the world wake up.

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My favourite daily view?
Well it has to be the moment I awake and see my lovely dogs wagging their tails at me! Priceless

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It is night here now but during the day as I sit at my desk the window to my left looks out over Glasgow. Today the rooftops were all white with frost and the sky became orange coloured as the sun began to set. A large grey cloud was briefly patterned in red fish scales before it grew dark and I closed the curtains. Blizzards are forecast.

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This. Its not much but I could drift away staring at it for hours. It has such a calming effect over me and its like gazing into another world.

god my tank is dirty as hell in that picture >_<

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@uberbatman That is beautiful. You should make a video and send it to me for a screensaver :)

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It IS another world!


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:) Thanks guys.
@Blueroses Ill do that once I get it clean and nice lookin again. I’d be embarrassed otherwise :P

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