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How are your pets handling the cold?

Asked by Jude (32098points) December 13th, 2010

Up here in Southwestern, Ontario it’s colder than a witches t*t. I have an indoor/outdoor kitty who hates to get his paws wet and abhors the cold. He gets to the door, has a peek outside, then makes a “uee” and back in he goes.

I am trying to keep him active (laser and toys), otherwise, he’ll get bored and put on a bit too much “winter beef”. He is sleeping a lot, as well.

My dog on the other hand loves it and flips around in the snow. He’s so little, that at times, he sinks in and I can’t see him!

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My cats are indoor only, but I notice they are sleeping in the center of the house, instead of along the walls like they normally do.
My beagle hates the cold, she doesn’t like to go out to the bathroom, I usually put a coat on her. Silly as it may look, she just can’t handle the cold.
My basset hound goes crazy in the snow. She runs through it with her nose down and flips it up in the air and eats big mouthfuls. It’s cute.

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When it gets too cold, my dog walks out his dog door and pees right next to it, which is right in front of our sliding glass door. Every once in awhile I have to hose it down.

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My border collies is a chicken at heart. he is strickly a fireside dog and hates the rain, the snow and the sun. he scratches on the door to go outside, until he realizes there is a foot of snow outside and he has a panic attack. sometimes, i have to pick him up and throw him into the snow. he cannot take care of his business inside the house and he knows this. one time, he held everything for three days and two nights. he was about to bust and we knew it. once again, he was thrown outside and peed for 10 minutes.

For a dog with such brillant intelligence, he is a true chicken at heart. (but, we still love him).

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My two cats are indoor kitties.My dog though,would go swimming in the river right now if I didn’t stop her.I was throwing a stick for her today and she was oblivious to the cold.

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The dog seems fine, no change in routine today. We keep the parrot under cover at night and open the blinds so she gets sunlight in the morning. The cats jockey for the cat bed that gets the sunshine, but that’s pretty normal.

Then again if was 75f today (Southern Ca).

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My dogs love the cold. They dig the straw bedding out of their houses, make a nest and curl up in the snow to sleep. When I bring them in, they insist on going out again almost immediately.

The vet says they are fine as long as they have protection from the wind and get enough water and food.

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our indoor cats…no change. My ferrel outside kitten now has a corrugated cardboard box with a wood top that has a heat lamp built in it. He also has a glass in the side of his box to see out. A piece of carpet lines the bottom and a cat bed for him to chill in. I added an extended wind break so his door isn’t hanging out in the wind. All this is set up beneath a work table under our porch. He comes out to greet me and feels really warm when I pick him up. Our big dogs have a similar set up only with wood framing and two old widows and two heat lamps. Their water and food bowls are inside it mainly so their water won’t freeze. My lab will drag her piece of carpet out and lay on it out in the sun during the day. And every night I will put it back. A dog is smart enough to rest in the sun on a cold day. I have seen plenty of people not even think about doing that.

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My dog absolutely loves the snow. See, dogs rule & cats drool XD

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The spaniel doesn’t go out as much. The lab doesn’t seem to mind it, the siberian husky loves it.

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Sadie stays indoors. But, it was 15 degrees this morning and she out playing in the backyard. She will decide when to come inside.

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My dogs are fine. It’s always a struggle to get my Jack Russell to go out when it is raining but she doesn’t seem bothered by the snow. Nothing phases my Staffy, she will gladly go out in all conditions!

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Both my dogs love the snow, but one of them hates the rain. She just doesn’t like getting her paws wet. I have to pick her up and put her outside and close the door quickly. She then turns to look at me, gives me a disdainful look, letting me know exactly what she is thinking, then turns and does what she needs to do.

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There’s no “cold” where I live unless you drive up into mountains. We’re going to take our dogs this year to play in the snow.

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GiGi has been loving the cold weather. The few times it has snowed here in sunny SC, she has been a little cautious and you can tell she likes it about as much as she likes going out in the rain – not at all. She would stay outside on the screened porch most of the time if she could. She gets a really thick winter coat and she has allergies, so the cold weather is great for her. My vet told me if I really loved her, I would just move to Alaska because that is the only place she is not going to have allergies, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen!!

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My cat behave similarly, @Jude. I don’t think she cares to be cooped up inside too long. She becomes needy, wanting to be continually petted.

When she jumps up my back and lays across my shoulders I know she’s reached her limit.

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