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What makes your boyfriend jelouse?

Asked by love408 (147points) April 7th, 2008


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nothing if he didn’t care for you in the first place. other then that knowing you’re having a better time without him and that you didn’t need him after all.

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My ability to spell.

(Can’t help myself).

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@syz I came in here to make the same exact comment!

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I can tell you what makes me jealous of my g/f. That she is a very social butterfly and I’m not sure if it’s because she makes it look easy or if she over does it but I know it makes me jealous. And yes I do trust her.

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Hope this wans’t just for the girls.:)

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Playing stupid manipulative games, like doing things to make him jealous.

Oh wait, that doesn’t make him jealous, that makes him annoyed. Oops.

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My husband doesn’t get jealous. He loves hearing stories about me getting hit on and when were at the bar he’ll go to the bathroom and come back to find someone trying to pick me up and he loves butting in and giving me a big smooch to show I’m all his. So he must be very secure with knowing I’m all his so he doesn’t get jealous

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answearing call in his present, play with o ther mem in his present,

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