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How would you group these documents for a DBQ for AP World History?

Asked by DThorn (168points) December 13th, 2010

I need help on how to group these documents for my AP world history class DBQ due in a few days. Any help?

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Well, no one on here is going to tell you how to do your homework, but I will say this: Look at the terms of the questions. Doesn’t the question already kind of set up 2 groups for you? Maybe group the documents to fit those.

Good luck. I never took AP World History, but I took AP Euro and AP US, and have many fond (hah!) memories of DBQs.

ETA: That website is kind of a cool way of doing DBQs. Back in my day, we had to hand write everything. Ok, I’ll stop. I feel old now.

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Try thinking of different aspects of each document, there are many different ways you can group them.

I don’t know if your teacher taught you this, but I’m taking AP World at the moment and my teacher suggests we use the acronym APPARTS. It stands for:

Author (who they are, their background, etc.)
Place/Time (and how it affects the document)
Purpose (their motives for writing, any bias they might have)
Audience (who the document was created for)
Reason (why the document was written)
Main Idea (what the document is saying)
Significance (why is it relevant?)

By analyzing each document in these ways, it should help you come up with some categories to put them into to write your DBQ. I hope this helps, good luck with your DBQ!

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I decided to group them by what they were talking about and how they were related :)

Thanks guys!

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