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Can the MacBook combo DVD RW drive rip DVDs, or just make DVDs like from iMovie?

Asked by monsoon (2505points) April 7th, 2008 from iPhone
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Any optical drive that can read and play DVDs can rip them as well.

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Yes, but combo drives cannot burn DVDs, as your question implies. If you want to burn DVDs on a MacBook, you need to purchase the $1299 model with the Super Drive.

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that’s what I meant, the $1299 one.

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@terryly: I refer you to Handbrake,—it rips DVDs, and it only requires an optical drive capable of reading DVDs.

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I’ll have a try. Thanks for sharing, cwilbur.

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Try Pavtube dvd ripper for mac

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Handbrake is not a DVD rip program, it can’t handle protected discs. Handbrake is for video conversion only. You need rip software (Mac The Ripper for example) first to remove protection.

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