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How do you get rid of the Google redirect virus?

Asked by KeithWilson (833points) December 14th, 2010

I know this question has been asked before, but I need fresh answers. I got this google redirect virus on my computer that redirects me to ad sites when I try to go to a google link. I have tried Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware and I still have the virus. Is there any way to get rid of this virus? Thank you for your help.

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uninstall, then reinstall your web browser or just get a new one
Opera is a great browser , Firefox is ok too.

(remember to download them first before you uninstall your browser or it will be tricky to get online :_)

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2nd vote for Opera <3.

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Ummm…..Can you go back to a restore point before you got the virus? If so, I’d try that. If you are kind of savvy you can use Hijackthis it won’t remove them for you but it will point out which executables and registry keys associated with it so you can delete them and rid yourself of the problem. If you want something to do it for you try Spybot or Lavasoft Adware, they seem robust enough to get rid of most nasties I get.

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Plug the URL to where it sends you into Google. That will usually turn up lots of forum posts about what is causing the problem. Or post it here and I will do it since it might not give you anything helpful since you are already infected.

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If you get desperate, send me a private message, and we can try some remote access to your computer if you like. I have a fair bit of experience removing different viruses manually, by hunting down the files, deleting them, sorting the registry or deactivating dll’s and what not. but it needs intuition and is way to elaborate to explain on here… come to think of it, I dont think I could explain, its just one of those things you need to feel out.

edit: no 100% guarantees btw.

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I was having the same trouble about when I updated to Firefox 3.6.0.
In the past I had to disable JavaScript to avoid the Google redirects.
Now that I’m on Ff 3.6.13, I no longer get the redirects, even with JavaScript enabled.

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Update: I couldn’t get rid of the virus any other way so I reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled my operating system. The virus is gone.

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