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Does "waxing" the bottom of sled rails or snow skis make for a faster ride?

Asked by john65pennington (29253points) December 14th, 2010

For years, my family has always had a package of Gulf Wax in the garage. As a child, i would look at the package and ask myself, “what the heck is this for”? Finally, one day my dad and I were together in the garage and I asked him this question. He told me the wax, applied to the rails of a sled or snow skis, would make them glide on top of the snow, for a much faster ride . Question: was this theory true? Does anyone still use wax for this purpose and does it actually work?

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Why yes,it does.
I plan on spraying Vunessuh’s sled with Pam cooking spray when she comes to visit in a few weeks so she can get some speed on! XD

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@lucillelucillelucille Was that what Chevy Chase used on his saucer?

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I think it’s supposed to make the snow not stick as much to skis so it cuts down on slip resistance

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@john65pennington The wax cuts down on friction bewtween the wood and the snow.

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It does what @woodcutter said keeps the snow from sticking to the surface you cover.

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The wax would also help lucille to 20K if you haven’t maxxed out on her.

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Teflon sprays have eclipsed the old wax trick @john65pennington and almost got me and my 2 boys in the hospital as in our toboggan we blew right through 2 snow fences at the bottom of the hill.

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