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What kind of make-up do you wear? Are you sure of the safety of the ingredients?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3158points) December 14th, 2010

Alright! So, I rarely ever wear makeup, and after watching a video that I discovered on youtube, I’ll probably wear make-up even less than I did…


*”*Harmful ingredients to watch out for include:


Mineral Oil


There are many others, but so far, these three have been mostly linked to health concerns.

Also, acne scarring treatment users beware of the chemical called “HYDROQUINONE.” It is also potentially carcinogenic.

What kind of makeup do you wear? What are the contents?

I use a variety of kinds of makeup. I have some mary kay eyeliners and mascara, some bella piere mineral powder foundation and blush.. Random sorts of palettes of eye shadows.etc. I think some of the makeup I have does contain possible hazardous ingredients… I don’t know what I will do with them now.

So, do you think your make-up is safe—health wise? Does anybody know for sure which makeups are safe, or which other ingredients to watch out for? Please do share!


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Lancome mascara

Chanel face lotions and creams at times, right now I am using a dead sea product for my face that my dad bought me. Other times I use samples from Lancome.

Lancome eye and lip liners typically. Although, I use a cake eye liner every day that is a different vendor that I cannot think of right now.

Chanel lipstick. I do use Lancome freebees also, but they have a taste, I love my Chanel best.

Prescriptives lip gloss is one of myfavorites, but they went out of business. Bobby Brown lip gloss is good too. I also have Lancome and Chanel lip gloss.

Lancome dual finish face powder.

Smashbox cream eyeliners.

Lancome and Chanel blush. I have a Loreal blush I use also.

That about covers it.

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Mostly Merle Norman foundation and Tarte cheek stain. Tarte is really green and safe (course, I wear it because it looks gorgeous). Merle Norman, probably not but I don’t really care.
Every lotion you buy at the drug store has mineral oil. Hell, almost everything in the bath/body/health section of the supermarket has some kind of petroleum product in it. Same for parabens. Scientists go back and forth on if deodorant is carcinogenic. I’m ok with a certain amount of risk for not having a 10-foot radius of stink around me.

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@papayalily; now I’m going to stay away from supermarket or drug store bought lotions.. ;)

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@curiouscat Mineral oil/petroleum isn’t bad, it just doesn’t help us gain oil independence. Everything has parabens, including everything from The Body Shop, Bath and Body Works, etc. Sulfates are the real baddies, and they’re what’s in the soap that cleans you. Natural products can be found, but they’re sooooooo expensive.

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Lots of lipsticks have been found to contain lead…I wear makeup probably twice a year if that

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I used to use mineral make up. I used to brush the powder on my face until I realized that I am breathing that stuff in my lungs every time I apply it. Now I mix it with a moisturizer first so I don’t’ breathe it with the brush application. I use Bare Escentuals and Rare Minerals Products. There is a really good website called The Cosmetic Database It lists the dangers of make-ups, beauty products and their ingredients.

You can find a list of Natural Cosmetics here.

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I generally use whatever’s on sale. Brands like Cover Girl, Loreal, Rimmel, Revlon… I’ve never thought about what’s in makeup. If the products are approved for sale in the US and Canada, they’re safe enough. I think too many people worry too much about this kind of stuff. If my makeup is really that bad for me and it kills me, at least I’ll go out with prettily-lined eyes (and those red bangs again when I quit being lazy).

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Aveeno sunscreen/moisturizer (always)
Covergirl powder foundation (sometimes)
Random eye pencil liners (sometimes)
Covergirl powder blush (sometimes)
Maybelline mascara (rarely)

Since I don’t like wearing makeup then it’s not much of a big deal to me, when I do then it stays on a minimal time. I like creams though and try to never be without them so I buy non comdegenic ones to keep my pores from getting clogged and stretched. I stopped dousing with baby powder years ago when I read about women in humid regions having a higher risk of cancer, maybe tied to more dousings of talc powders.

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I wear zero makeup. I used to make my own face/body/hair cleaner as well out of natural ingredients, but now I buy a commercially made soap and shampoo.

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@papayalily It is the antipersperant people are worried about, not the deoderant. Many European brands are deoderant only. In America we typically have a combination in the products we use for our underarms.

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Since parabens have been found to cause cancer, they are taking it out of make-up and creams, but it is still in lots of them. Check it out. Even expensive makeup has some bad stuff in it. @Seelix funny—as long as you are healthy!

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@Seelix cosmetics aren’t regulated by the FDA, that’s why people are concerned.

@JLeslie I call them both deodorant cuz that’s just who I am.

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@noelleptc It’s small enough that you can inhale it and it can get into your lungs.

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You make it seem like wearing make-up will instantly cause cancer… The video link that you included in your description is indeed insightful but as you can see, DragonPalace88, still continues to wear make-up regardless to her attempt to promote awareness. Specific brands are your main concern. Ilikecoke, a youtuber who left a comment, says ``those three harmful ingredients are found in almostevery make up, which is hard to avoid VERY HARD. otherwise go green.`` Yes, skin is the largest organ found on the human body and does absorbs surface products, but as you had said before you rarely wear make-up to begin with. I don`t see any harm unless you wore a heavy load on the daily bases < chronic exposure. You shouldn`t restrict yourself from wearing make-up from one source of information or even discontinue your use. I mean… having a polished look and a boost of confidences is nice to have, with that being said make-up shouldn`t be your main source of confidences.

Why just signal out make-up, why not other chemical products that are applied to the skin? Antibacterial soaps, shampoos, lotions, lip chap, deodorant etc. I’m not saying that all of them contain harmful ingredients but like make-up certain products and bands may have them. It is hard to avoid them without being an anal health junkie.

I will not spend excessive amounts of money on highend brand names. I use lotion on my daily bases due to the dryness of winter, body + surface area = Huge. I`m going to continue using supermarket lotions because of that reason, for they provide bulk proportions at affordable prices, and gives my skin the moisture it needs. I will however spend more on face care: smaller surface to cover. @Curiouscat, don`t be scared of all drugstore/supermarket products, lotions and makeup. It takes time for the active ingredients to take any effect on you, and not all produces are harmful to you, just be sure to read up on the brands before purchasing them if you’re that concerned.

Brands that I use
Aveeno active naturals
Olay regenerist

ranges from drugstore to some highend.. a bunch of randoms (like you, I rarely wear makeup)
ex Maybelline to Dior

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@Triozoo; oh, thank you for your contribution! That is quite true.. I probably would have forgotten about it after a while anyways. I suppose it would also be wasteful to just throw away the stuff that I have.. I will indeed be more picky in the future though.

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@papayalily Ok, but it is technically wrong, and we have people all over the country using crytals that don’t work it seems, because they don’t know the difference. I use super duper antipersperant during the summer, and for formal events. I have a family member who will not use a microwave, and all sorts of things he won’t eat, products he won’t use, but he perspires so much he uses the 72 hour kind of antipersperant also. I find it funny.

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I use mascara and eyeshadow every day and, on rare occassions, lip stick/gloss. I don’t use one particular brand but I only use makeup that isn’t tested on animals. I can’t say that I know what I use is safe but seeing as I have never had a nasty reaction, I figure it’s ok.

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@JLeslie Yeah, I know. I’m familiar with the difference, it’s just one of those “my mom called it that, so now I call it that” things.
@noelleptc Because we hate our babies and want them to die from lung cancer. But really? There’s a whole buttload of controversy over baby powder, and Johnson&Johnson looses a lot of money from this new(ish) discovery. It’s not the powder format, it’s the size of the actual talc molecules.

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@noelleptc; haha yeah, agreed… What isn’t hazardous nowadays? ;)

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