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Where to buy iPad case in Canada?

Asked by joon1986 (185points) December 14th, 2010

I recently bought an iPad but haven’t purchase a case nor protector for the screen
I am in Canada so my choice would be best-buy or Future-shop
but their products are narrow and over priced in general
so I was wondering if you guys can give me a name of place or website
I have two things in mind
1. book-case style (example: DODO-CASE) + invisible shield
2. gelaskin + clear rubber case + pouch style case
but open to other options
let me know if you have any suggestion

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The Apple Store has a Canadian website.

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@Seelix Totally forgot about apple store….although case there was some what expensive I got the wireless keyboard I was searching for

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@joon1986 – Glad you found what you wanted, and in Canadian dollars no less :)

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