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Whats the ideal date you would take a spouse on?

Asked by jkainz (115points) April 7th, 2008 from iPhone
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The one that is preceded by my spouse cleaning the house, doing the grocery shopping, cooking the meal and cleaning up afterwards.

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….and now we know why DeezerQueue is single.

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but seriously a legit answer would be great

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I was being serious. It isn’t always about “the date” it’s also about romancing someone. Doing some of those smaller things, things that may seem small to you, are mighty big gestures in the eyes of a lot of women.

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ok I do those. I’m talking about taking someone out.

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In my experience, it’s all about common interest. Bring them somewhere you both will enjoy. In my case, we both enjoy good food, and great movies. So, the ideal date for us is a really nice restaurant, followed by a movie. Not the most creative, but we both enjoy it very much.

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Do you want ideas on what to do with your spouse or what we would do with ours? Those two things will most likely be very different.

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very true john but i can look at what you would do and see if its practical or not. Its just advice that I am seeking from my peers on fluther.

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Ideally, he would plan the whole night himself (with NO help from me) and choose someplace that’s nice and quiet and has tasty food but isn’t obnoxiously pretentious. Then maybe a walk some place nice. I just feel like I do all of the planning and it would be nice just to be able to “show up” once in a while and have everything taken care of.

EDIT: Just re-read the question; this is an ideal date my s.o. would take me on, heh.

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the Ideal date? Take a private jet to Paris and have a romantic candle lit dinner.

Good ol’ dinner and a movie. ;)

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My wife loves spas, and I’ve had good luck treating the both of us to a his/her spa visit. Here in L.A. a really popular place for this is Burke-Williams (not promoting but in case you want to get a clearer idea).

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Yeah that’s what I was thinking it always seems to make her happy but it just seems to get dull after awhile. But I’m glad I’m not the only one who seems to enjoy the basics:)

The spa idea seems fantastic though. I should look into that.

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Fly to Paris for a night, eat an amazing dinner, walk around the city all night, eat breakfast, fly back

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Try a dinner cruise.

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You shouldn’t have to date your spouse….

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Why not? Do you think romance ends when you say your vows?

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@boffin if you want to stay happily married for more than twenty years you do. Otherwise you will be bored in your marriage. Personally I say I enjoyed it and still do enjoy dating my wife.

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My girlfriend and I broke college students, so savingnup and dropping like $300 dollars on one outing (or more if you’re not a broke student) is about the most romantic thing. So when I think of taking my girlfriend on a dream date, it would be to take her to a broadway show, or something flamboyant like that.

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@scamp and @gooch…15+ years and everyday is date night…Don’t need to date to keep anything alive…We are alive, we talk everyday, even about nothing, we enjoy each others company at home we don’t have to go somewhere to be together…We are together. As @gooch warns we will end up in a boring marriage, with all due respect, I don’t think so…We could give clinics on relationships and marriage. We are just as happy at home as we are going out. And going out doesn’t hold a candle to hanging around the homestead and feeding the wildlife that comes to visit, or watching the grass grow. @scamp, the romance CONTINUES with the vows….

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That’s very good. I am happy for you. But the asker wants suggestions because he or she wants to date his/ her spouse, not opinions on whether it is necessary. It’s good that you can enjoy an evening at home, but you must agree that not everyone is a homebody, so we should spend our time giving suggestions,don’t you think?

@jkainz My SO and I love to go to museums together. Then we grab a bite to eat. Do you think your spouse would like that?

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@boffin. All couples are different. In your relationship, your fine just relaxin at home. As for me? I need to get out with the one I love, whether it be hiking, movies, beach… We just love going out. And staying in is always fun. :)

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Hi! I hope I’m doing this right, I’m new here. Well…I’m finally participating. :)

Anyway, for my husband and I, we love a casual dinner and to just take our time, talking and laughing. We like an area not too far from our house, they have a live (mellow music) out in the courtyard area and we just relax, talk and listen to the music.

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