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Brewing tea from leaves- how to get started?

Asked by Perchik (4982points) April 12th, 2007
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Step 1: Get Teapot with built-in "infuser" (just a stainless steel strainer, just get tea infuser you can use for a teapot or cup. Step 2: Buy loose leaf tea. Step 3: Boil water (for green tea, it should have cooled a bit) and pour in tea. Step 4: Drink and enjoy.
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Here's a link to a simple tea infuser... You can often find these at your local grocery store:
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And by the way... good call. Tea from leaves really does taste better, and it's somehow more spiritually satisfying.
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10 oz mug uses 1.5-2.t loose tea, steeped for several minutes, depending on how strong you like it. Only buy a scant 1/4 lb at a time, so the leaves stay fresh. You can buy mugs w. infusers that sit inside them, and have a little lid that can also be used as a coaster.
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The other way is to pour loose tea (1 t per 8 oz. water, plus 1 t for the pot) into a tea pot. Then pour boiling water over, steep for several minutes and use an old-fashioned strainer to catch leaves when you pour tea into cup.
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You can find various kinds of loose tea holders for a single mug. Any kitchen store will have them...little pierced spheres w. a chain that dangles over edge of cup, or a teaspoon w. a lid on hinges that you fill w. leaves, snap shut and put into cup of boiling water.
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