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"Dark chocolate is healthy for you" What do you say about that statement?

Asked by flo (10480points) December 14th, 2010
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I say yes,but it depends on the type and eaten in moderation.

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The problem is the amount it’s most likely going to be consumed in isn’t a healthy.

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The darker the chocolate, the less sugar you have, and the more likely you’re going to receive benefit from eating it, especially if you have blood sugar issues. .

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One of the best headlines I remember reading!

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@SJA813 what do you mean “it depends on the type…”?

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Okay, I heard that a doctor on one of the TV shows said that. And it is not accurate. The key word is not “dark”. The color of the chocolate doesn’t matter, it is the percentage of the Cocoa which should be 70% or more in order to be healthy.

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The cacao bean is nutritious. Once you roast it and mash it up with sugar and cacao butter, (which I bet a lot of dark chocolate uses in concentrated amounts instead of milk,) it becomes less healthy. I don’t like chocolate enough to bother eating it on a regular basis.

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@flo the definition of dark chocolate is 65% or more cocoa any ways so I’m pretty sure even that amount in moderation is okay for you.

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Groovy! The truth is it has antioxidant properties. Too much can’t be a good thing though.

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Hell yes it’s good for you! High in antioxidants, and even a few traditional nutrients. Plus it’s high in calories and fat, which is awesome. I’ll never go hiking without dark chocolate again!

I say, “the darker the better.”

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The worst kind of chocolate is white chocolate, which has a high fat content. Next worse is milk chocolate. The healthiest are supposed to be the darkest—at least 60% & preferably higher. I’m not up on which of various health claims (anti-oxidant, mood elevator, etc.) have been validated, though there seems to be a scientific consensus that dark chocolate is good for you in moderation.

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You can get raw, minimally processed, unsweetened chocolate; which is just liquefied cacao nibs mixed with a little of the separated butter. That would definitely be the healthiest type of chocolate. Most who are used to the fermented, roasted and sugared versions of chocolate probably wont like it as much.

Moving to Austin, TX I thought I’d look into starting a super-hippie diet. This was one of the options I researched.

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60–70 percent cocoa – a little a day – like wine – anti-oxidants are good for you.

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Dark chocolate is the most likely to be chocolate, all that other stuff is milk, sugar and flavouring. The real deal of anything is good for you. Especially if you think it is.

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@flo Sorry for replying so late, but it has been somewhat said by others here. By “type” I mean is it Hershey’s dark chocolate or maybe something more healthier like organic dark chocolate.

I am sure there are many varying types, that I’m unaware of but just as an example.

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It is good for you in a certain amount. Even foods like burgers and french fries have some nutrition in them but just dont overeat it and youll be fine.

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Most consumers use the term “dark chocolate”. People have been paying much more for bread that they think is the healthier whole wheat, when it is just brown because of brown food coloring. The same thing with chocoloate, Lots of chocolate bars that just say “dark chocolate” and cost a ton, are not the healthy type. The ones that actually are, say 70% Cocoa, 80% Cocoa, etc. instead. I hear the ideal is minimum 70%.

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that’s the best title i ever seen, cocoa is very healthy when its more than 60%

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