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Dog with ear infection won't let me put drops in his ear?

Asked by pallen123 (1514points) December 14th, 2010

My dog has an ear infection and we have to put drops in his ear once a day. Vet said to give him treats while doing it so he doesn’t tear off my arm. No luck. Dog is possessed and tries to attack as soon as we touch his ear. Suggestions? Can I give him a glass of wine?

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You need to call the vet back. Perhaps a tranquilizer would help. Maybe doggie’s ear hurts, and a pain killer would help as well. Also suggest you put a muzzle on dog before you try doing anything else with the ear.

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If you don’t have a muzzle, you can make one out of an old towell. Let the dog grab one end, then wrap it around the muzzle. Then get one person to hold the dog, you may have to sit on the dog or wrap it in another towell so its legs are immobilized. Then have someone else put the drops in the ear.

How big is the dog?

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It’s probably painful right now. Are you close to your vet’s office? We had a couple of patients who knew they could resist their owners but had no problem letting us at the vet’s office do treatments for the first few days. We never charged for that service.
A very special, no time except medication time treat usually does help. I like to use vienna sausages, liverwurst or hot dogs. Give one small piece before treatment, and keep another piece in view of the dog to be given after treatment.
If you get your vet to help at first, have them introduce the special treat too.

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If you can let your dog win that battle, well, I just don’t know what to say. That’s like a mother saying she can’t control her six year old.

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I used to have a 40 lb dog that had bad ear mites in one ear. She was so strong she was able to resist any and all attempts to put the medicine in her ear. Although she never ever tried to bite us, even if all 3 of us held her down, she still managed to fight us off. We never were able to get those drops in. This was 25 years ago. We were too poor to do anything more than that, and eventually we gave up and simply let her have her way. Eventually she lost all hearing in that ear, and the ear closed up. She lived for many years after that, and eventually we put her to sleep because of arthritis. It’s a sad story, I know.

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You ever watch the dog whisperer? push the dog down forcefully! on his side. you hold his head down while the wife puts the drops in. you must show him who’s boss! dont let him dominate YOU!

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I am a professional dog trainer. This is what I would advice. First of all, go out and buy a soft muzzle. Make sure it is the correct size. Introduce it with lots of postivie reinforcement. First of all, put treats on top of it and let your dog eat them. Then put treats inside of it, and let your dog get them out and eat them. Then give your dog treats through the muzzle, but don’t attach it yet. Every time your dog gets near the muzzle, lots of high-pitched praise. Then, let your dog get a treat through it, and attach it for only a second. Again, lots of praise. Then work up the time that the dog will allow the muzzle to be on. You may be able to do this all at one sitting.

Then put the muzzle on, lots of praise, and treats, and then put the ear drops in. Give the dog verbal corrections if it tries to fidget or move, and lots of praise and treats if it holds still. Drop the drops, not directy in as that is very uncomfortable, but rather drop them onto the side of the ear, onto the skin so that it drips into the ear. This is far more comfortable for the dog. If at all possible, try not to hold the dog down too much. The more physical in your restraints, the more it will panic.

Remember, lots of high-pitched praise when the dog allows you to put the drops in. Treats and praise as the drops go in. And praise after it’s done.

Good luck!

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I use this thing called a fingerdripper. it mounts under your finger and while I am petting my dogs ears i slip my finger in and flex it. Dog doesnt see it coming so doesnt get anxious. I found it at and got two so I could do both ears at once

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My shitzu is very anxious,can’t hold her down long enough to put ear drops in her ear, took 3 persons to try, no good, she was very calm when the Vet gave the first treatment, she has a ear infection need to use ear wash and antibiotic in her ear. I need help

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