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My girlfriend and I are heading to Savannah for New Year's; what to do, what to do?

Asked by Jude (32098points) December 14th, 2010

Other than to try and hunt down Lady Chablis. =)

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Get your party dresses on and whoop it up!! :)

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Lucy, we were in Chicago a few years ago (New Year’s) and enjoyed some good blues. Can’t wait for this. I’m wearing my Carmen San Diego dress. =)

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There is great shopping there, so shop!

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Not sure if I can get Nikki in a dress, haha..

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Whatever you do, Don’t tell them your great granddaddy marched with Sherman. Some of them good ol’ boys down there are still looking for revenge.

Seriously, start with the trolley tour.

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We went to see historic homes last time we were there.

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