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How was your Hannukah?

Asked by seazen (6113points) December 14th, 2010

If you didn’t celebrate it, did you even notice it? Do you have friends with certain parties, traditions and customs?

Jewish jellies: anything miraculous for you this year – besides the oil lasting 8 days?

And to all the jellies Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas in 10 days.

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It was purely gift giving for the two toddler grandsons from their Great Grandmother. She loved the video we took. They recognized her picture right away, and the older one looked into the camera and said “Thank you Grandma A…”

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It was nice. I had a great time lighting the candles, telling the story, playing dreidel, and making latkes with my kiddos at work. None of them are Jewish, but it was a great experience for them to learn about part of my culture. One of them now claims she celebrates Channukah because she thinks it’s “prettier” than Christmas. :) I also love that my atheist boyfriend is respectful enough of my traditions to ask me to wait til he’s home to light the candles.

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This was the first Hannukah in many years that my brother-in-law was not here to make latkes! He moved to Israel. I missed the latkes…

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We had a great dinner at our neighbors and enjoyed watching our kids light the candles together. (My neighbors are Jewish.)

All in all, it was a very enjoyable, nice evening.

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This was one of my better Chanukahs. My mom bought me some hand painted Chanukah dishes last year, so the table was very nice, and I made a yummy dinner with some latkes to start for my husband and me on the first night. I lit my grandmothers Menorah, which I have never done before, I have had it since she died almost three years ago, but had not taken it out in previous years to use for the holiday. In addition I also had my menorah, which I bought my first year on my own after college. Later in the evening we ate some chocolate gelt and relaxed.

Additionaly, I was asked to speak to a pre-school about chanukah. They invite parents in to talk about how they celebrate the holidays, and this school is not very diverse, so a woman who works with my husband asked us if we would come talk to the kids. It was fun. They asked questions, the children and the teachers, the kids picked what color candles to put in the menorah (we didn’t light it) spun dreidels and were given chocolate money. As a side note my husband talked about Christmas in Mexico, and how they reenact with neighbors Joseph and Mary trying to find a place to stay in Bethlehem, called a Posada. Had a pinata and everything.

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Good, menorah or less. Thanks for asking.

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I know that putting Adam Sandler in your topics was a joke, but I don’t get it. JIC someone else does and didn’t notice.

I have a friend who celebrates Hanukkah, and her first present was an omelette-maker. For her mom.

I’ve also noticed that “omelette” is not in Google Chrome’s spellcheck dictionary.

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@Fred931 Omelet might be in the spellcheck? I use Omelette also. Adam Sandler is kind of famous for his Chanukah Songs I am having trouble with youtube, but if you google I think you can here it online.

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I got really sick and missed it. Didn’t even get to try out the latke recipes I asked for! Pooh.

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What are latkes and does anyone have a recipe?

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@partyparty They’re potato pancakes, often served with sour cream or applesauce. The boxed mixes in the kosher section of your grocery store are pretty good, but I’m sure someone can give you a fabulous home recipe.

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@partyparty Manischewitz is the best if you are going to buy them in a box. I like the regular old Potato Pancake mix better than the homestyle latke, but that’s me. There are German brands that sell Potato Pancake mix also if you don’t have a Jewish section in your market where you live, but I prefer the Manischewitz.

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@JLeslie @Likeradar They sound delicious. I will have to look out for them in my supermarket (I am in the UK).

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@partyparty I would bet Manischewitz does sell in the UK. Panni is a German brand that makes potato pancakes, but not quite as yummy, but still good. Here is the most recent latke recipe Q.

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