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Is a registered podiatrist in England the same as a podiatrist in the US?

Asked by jlelandg (3536points) December 14th, 2010

My main concern is getting someone who actually knows what their doing. I’m going to Hong Kong to get my feet checked out for a high arch and ongoing tendonitis as a result. HK is the closest good place and I just want to know how good is a “UK registered podiatrist” as there are many vying for my services.

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How is Hong Kong the closest place to either England or the US for getting your feet checked out? And if you’re going to HK, why do you care about England or the US?

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As long as they’re registered with the HPC (Health Professions Council) and have the required podiatry (or chiropody as we still incorrectly call it) qualifications (have a look here for the different qualifications relevant in the UK) then they will be of a high standard.

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@papayalily I live in the same country as my avatar.

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