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Snow day!!! What would you do with yours?

Asked by janedelila (3904points) December 15th, 2010

I for one am still in pajamas and getting ready to watch some DVRd soaps. I made some cookies last night so I’m all set. I realize not everybody gets snow days (and I’m not a student, I teach) but what would you do with yours if you got one?

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When I woke this morning there is 6 inches of snow on my driveway. But I still go to work.

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@Summum I’ve got 13 and counting. It’s still coming down quick, and they called off school and told us to not come in, they weren’t opening the doors. I shoveled last night and I can’t even tell.

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Sounds like a great storm. I love it when it snows. We get it here that way a lot but this one is caused by the Lake Effect.

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@Summum yep that’s what I got here, the lake effect. Last week we got four feet, it warmed up just enough to melt and freeze into a nasty uneven ice layer, and started over. The weather channel says snow every day for the next seven. We’ll be going to school until July at this rate!

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Yes but the water table should be good this year. I hope we get lots of snow but I like it when it is up in the mountains rather than in the valley.

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I hate being cold, and that’s also an issue here. The wind chill has been below zero at times during the last week, and I won’t feel my feet til April. The wind is awful, and my car is just a lump out there. I need to go shopping but I can’t make myself go outside! And I’m in some mountains, so no relief in sight.

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Wow sounds like you are almost snowed in. Does your heater work in your car? If it does go out and start it and let it get warm before you go.

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It’s the getting snow in my boots and cleaning off the foot of snow on it before I can get in that I’m whining about…I’m asking my momma for a remote car starter for Christmas!

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Well I hope she gets it for you. :)

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I’d probably make some hot chocolate with marshmallows and curl up with a good book. I wish we had some snow here. I’d love a remote car starter (and was actually thinking about asking my husband about getting one when he gets home).

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Stay indoors with a good book, the dogs next to me on the sofa, a hot mug of chocolate and my home made chocolate chip cookies. Yummy

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My friend always jokes that she’s coming over to my house when it’s a snow day because she knows I’ll be baking chocolate chip cookies or brownies. I alternate baking with reading and shoveling.

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It should be a snow day but my tree surgeon friend called with an offer I couldn’t refuse. He had a full load of black locust all cut up that I could use for firewood. He’d even load it for me.
He needed to get it off the customer’s property and he knew I could use it. That amount of wood is worth $800–1000 in heating oil. So… I froze my a** off, shoveled off my trailer and drove on slippery, scary roads for 20 minutes to get the wood.
I suppose I did a good thing… darn it! Staying in bed would have been nice.

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xbox 360 and weed

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Notice how beautiful it looks, falling… out through the window, while in the warm confines of my home.

But really, I’m not above going out and bombing some fun kids with snowballs if the snow is packy and plentiful.

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