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What's the worst vampire movie/book?

Asked by mYcHeMiCaLrOmAnCe (1478points) December 15th, 2010

I’ve watched many vampire movies and I’ve also read many vampire books. I think that ‘Twilight’ is the worst (and I’ve read all the books but never finished the 4th one cause is was soooo boring). I’ve read and watched ‘Interview With The Vampire’ and I think it was pretty good. Aaaand there are also tv shows such as ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ which I found funny. How many vampire books/movies/tv shows have you read/watched and which do you think is the most stupid? Or which is the best?

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Well the series Angel was kind of weird at times. But I did like Angel.

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Twilight… all those damn movies and books, just a bunch of regurgitated story lines and plots from other shows and books that came before it.

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The Twilight series was some gawdawful writing, and I have to disagree with you on Interview – I think Anne Rice is a hack, too.

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I loved the Ann Rice books. :)

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@Summum She always seems to have weird, underage, cousin incest in her stories.

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I just like the way she writes it’s as if she sees through the eyes of the Vampire.

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@Summum Anyone can write in first person >.<

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I’m just saying I enjoyed her books. :)

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The Twilight series. The writing is worse than teenage fanfiction and Bella is such a Mary-Sue.

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Twilight. It’s so awful that I didn’t have to read/watch it to know that it’s awful.
Also, Queen of the Damned (the movie).

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Twilight is godawful… I just can’t fugure out why I am so infactuated with Kristen Stewart. I mean the chick can’t act, she is in those damn movies but… oh yeah, she is a stoner :)
P.S. 99.9% of the time when a guy sparkles… he is gay…

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Um, vampires aren’t real, so who cares whether they’re sparkly or not?

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Actually according to the beliver’s bible. Vampires originate from the bible. Plus, an actual vampire existed way back when and bathed in virgin blood untill she was killed.

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All of them

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@Seelix Not only are vampires real, there are several different varieties of them.

While some of them do drink blood for reasons that range from perversion to a metabolic medical condition, they do not turn into bats and go on the prowl for young virgins to turn into their evil minions (well, ok, some of them probably do, but this has more to do with sexual preference rather than with being a vampire).

Anyway, it is a rather interesting topic.

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@YoBob – People who ingest blood for whatever reason aren’t vampires. At least not in my opinion. There’s no such thing as an undead person who needs blood to continue to exist, burns in sunlight and can only be defeated by a stake through the heart.

Anyway, that has nothing to do with the question. I like True Blood, the show and the books it’s based on. I haven’t read or seen Twilight, so I can’t say anything about that.

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Twilight and Vampire Diaries

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@Aesthetic_Mess lol I was offered to write blogs on Vampire Diaries for yahoo, but I turned it down. I just don’t want to sit through Dawson’s Creek (same writer and creator as VD as well) with the added twist that they’re supernatural. No thanks.

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Can’t say I’ve read/watched enough different series make a fair judgment, but I hate Twatlight Twilight enough that I think I can safely say that none of the other stuff could possibly be worse.

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@Seelix Yes, I agree that the whole undead creature who burns on sunlight and must be staked through the heart in order to be killed is a thing of fiction. However, there are such things as humans with metabolic conditions that both cause them to age slowly as well as require blood in order to survive. There are also people who claim to be life force vampires and claim to enhance their own life energy by utilizing the energy of others.

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I’d agree with Twilight, but for the fact that I can’t in good conscience call the characters in those stories “Vampires” – as they do not hold any of the traits of Vampires by any interpretation. Someone who doesn’t age and happens to think blood tastes good sometimes is just not anywhere near the same calibur as Nosferatu, Vladimir Tepes II, or even Spike a’ la’ Buffy. These days, I avoid teen soap operas with a vague supernatural theme. I will admit to being somewhat addicted to BBC’s “Being Human”, though. But then, Mitchell kills lots of people, and we hear the lamentations of the women.

@TrkReznor – I believe you’re referring to Elizabeth Batory. If you do a little reading, you’ll learn that she was very much a mortal woman with serious psychological issues and too much power. Much like Vlad the Impaler – the person also called “Dracula”.

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Twilight was painful to read, and I only did it because my niece highly recommended it, or it would have been tossed. I thought Anne Rice did a fine job developing her characters and the vampire culture in her own way.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I love Being Human, the characters just feel more real about their approach to being what they are (since the three main characters are different sups) and they’re also relate-able. Or maybe they’re just relate-able characters to me because I grew up always being “the weird one” and trying to find a way to fit in.

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@Seek_Kolinahr got it about the Countess of Blood. Also she wasn’t killed, but was imprisoned instead.

Worse vampire book I ever read has to be ’‘Mina’’, which was a sequel to Dracula where Harker’s wife falls in love with another vampire…again…pretty much restarting the original story. I didn’t like how Mina’s strong and loving character was downgraded to her being a slut who never learns, plus the vampire here was rather unimpressive.
There was some cool back story about one of Dracula’s concubines from the first book though.

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I’m glad I know how to enjoy reading a book without being judgmental. The Twilight books kept me busy on a long, nearly unbearable plane flight. I don’t read many vampire books so I can’t really tell you about any bad ones.

I would probably have to include Dracula, Dead and Loving It as the worst Vampire movie, but also the funniest.

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@downtide : What’s a Mary Sue?

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I never read them and I never will but I am going to say Twilight. I can tell Twilight sucks by just looking at it’s fanbase.

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Twilight by far. All you Twilight fans go read Hellsing and then you’ll see what real vampires are made of (and no, they don’t sparkle, Alucard takes what you got, laughs, gives you the finger, all before promptly devouring you soul and all). But personally I’m a werewolf kind of guy (surprisingly thanks to Hellsing actually, you don’t mess around with the Captain).

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Billy the Kid vs. Dracula is hysterically funny and terrible at the time

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Vampires are bloodsuckers who burn in the daylight and do not sparkle! :D

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@Winters Hells yeah for Hellsing! Did it surprise you that when Alucard spelled backwrads is Dracula? It did me! It was just so obvious. Then there was that crazed preacher! Then the blonde chick who got her arm sliced off and shaped the blood from it into a weapon! Oh that is some sweet vampire action!

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I loved ’‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’’ and ’‘Angel’’. Loved the fighting and romance that went on between Buffy and Angel.But I cannot stand the movie’‘Twilight’’ even though I loved the book.

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I started off liking Twilight…the ending is Horrible!
I really like the House of Night series and like the Ravenwood mysteries. There is also a TV series called Being Human…it’s a bit gory, but I REALLY like it….

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Being Human is great because it’s gory. Too many people forget that Vampires are bloodthirsty cannibals. Let’s remember why it’s called “horror”, mmkay?

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@Seek_Kolinahr Exactly! Hell yeah! I love vampires that people are afraid of, not ones that people want to be like.

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There is a hell- you visit it when you watch or hear or read any of the Twilight novels.

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