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Can you suggest a simple, low memory footprint, Mac application that allows one to place images on a canvas, like on PowerPoint, but nothing else, and export the quick montage?

Asked by rexpresso (920points) December 15th, 2010

I dislike opening bulky OpenOffice Impress (in my case) just for the purpose of a quick draft of a montage. Any streamlined solution would suit me even better. Thank you for any ideas.

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I’m a little confused…are you trying to make a presentation out of a collection of images? If so, you could…

1) Put all the images into a single folder then run a full-screen slideshow using whatever photo viewer you use (I’m a PC guy, so I’m not quite sure how this works in Mac OS)

2) If you have Adobe Bridge, you can highlight the desired images and export them as a full-screen PDF (in CS5, go to the “OUTPUT” button on the top right of the application bar). In the options options, set 1 row by 1 column, black background, and automatically go into full screen mode (and whatever other options you choose).

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The idea is just to put some images side by side and on top of one another and export. No big deal… I’ll just use Impress… thanks.

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