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Can a couple who has Epilepsy and MS have a family?

Asked by crazyandbeautiful (551points) December 15th, 2010

Can someone tell me if a couple who has Epilepsy and MS should have a family? They have been dating a short time but…I heard them talking about children. I know they probably were just having polite conversation. What are your thoughts on this?

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I know people with both MS and epilepsy that have kids.;)

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Anyone can have a family. Couples with inheritable “defects” also have the option of consulting with a geneticist.

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Can they? Yes, unless there is some type of reproductive issue, which is an unrelated matter. Should they? Their offspring will risk inheriting either or both diseases. It’s a personal decision within the relationship, and I wouldn’t judge anyone for making the choice to start a biological family or not in this scenario.

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I wouldn’t tell them not to and I’m sure people with these conditions would consider pros and cons. PS: so should any other people, before becoming parents.

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MS is not directly inherited and it affects people differently, meaning in severity. Epilepsy is considered remotely symptomatic among family members, but doesn’t have any influence on someone having children.

It is a personal decision to be made by the individuals. I have friends in both circumstances who gave birth to children and are wonderful parents and others who had and adopted children. Their MS nor their epilepsy interferred with them being really good parents. One friend has really acute epilepsy and another friend of mine is a great father whose MS has him refined to a wheelchair. Another friend of mine developed MS in her 20s, raised two great children with her husband and spent the last 45 years of her life with no use of her limbs. Her mind was strong enough to make up for the limbs. She was a great mother.

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Why not? Are they very incapacitated or something? Near death? People live with MS and Epilepsy and have children all of the time.

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And though most of you are talking about having kids “naturally,” there is also adoption of medically it is either not able to happen or isn’t recommended.

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Now this combo’ I have seen have kids. We had neighbors like this who had adopted two children and then a few laters became pregnant unintentionally but kept the baby which turned out to have no problems.

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I cannot see any reason, other than mentioned above,—@Pied_Pfeffer mentioned: reproductive issues, that they should rule it out.

Take a peak into my medical background and some would cringe at the thought of children in the scenario. I have two, we’re a normal family.

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