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Should Great Questions With Over X# Responses Automatically Get GQ Points?

Asked by spendy (1446points) April 7th, 2008

I’ve been seeing many questions, some with 30–40 and even over 80 responses, that have never been given Great Question points. How is that? Would a bad or even just mediocre question pull that much response from the collective? Do people just forget to give points once the thread becomes a certain length (and the GQ points link is “out of sight, out of mind”)? Not sure what the response requirement would/should be…thoughts welcome. And it should be said that the question poser’s responses to their own question should not count (to avoid points abuse).

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No, because often enough it’s the result of 2 or 3 people chattering at each other rather than discussing the question.

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If Obama and McCain had anal who would be on top?

That will get a bunch of responses but it is still a shitty question.

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@cwilbur – would that just make others more likely to flag comments as “chatter”?

@johnpowell – good point.

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That pun was totally unintentional. I would edit it but that might get confusing for others that read this later. I know what the purpose of this question was. I never said you wanted points for it.

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Great answers can still exist in the realm of a shitty question.

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@johnpowell – I caught the reason for your response a little late and edited mine. (see above). No offense taken, I get your point.

Here’s the thing…say you pose your “shitty” question (lol) and 100 responses pour in. Was it really a bad question if it caused that much attention to be given to it? Someone had to be terribly interested to spend time answering, no? I, personally, don’t spend lots of time answering questions that don’t interest me.

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@Riser, another good point.

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I don’t think it should. Like johnpowell said, some questions can get many responses, but they are still shitty. Take johnpowell’s example, that would get a lot of people going in, cracking jokes and whatnot. It wouldn’t be contributive to the fluther community meaning it’s not a good question, even with all the attention. Know what I mean? It’s all about the community, not an individuals amount of points.

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I guess it depends on what you/we want from the site. I would rather have real questions with real answers. I’m not a fan of “poll” questions. I’m fine with discussion but questions like “Does my boyfriend like me?” drive me nuts. It might get a bunch of responses but it still isn’t a question that can be answered.

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@spendywatson: if the 100 responses are discussion of the question, it should count as a good question. If the 100 responses are people chattering at each other, without reference to the question, it shouldn’t count as a good question. If the 100 responses are people sniping at each other because of their responses to the question, it should count as a bad question.

100 answers doesn’t necessarily mean a good question, unless they’re good, thoughtful answers that address the question.

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no some people use this answer area to have conversations

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@johnpowell + cwilbur – both great points. Silly questions should not count. Silly answers should not count. Same for chatter, snipping, etc. Hmmm…not really a great way to regulate an auto point system. I guess I’ve just been surprised at what I consider some great questions not having been given points. For instance, I filed through the archives for a while when I joined and found a question (can’t even remember which one now) that had approx 85 responses, about 90% question related debate…and no one had given points. Kind of surprised. Seems there would be a way to avoid things like that…but I guess it’s more difficult than it seems.

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No. Many of the questions over the past few weeks have been poll questions (which are un-Flutherlike). Poll questions get lots of answers.

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I think it might already be a huge improvement to have a “Great Question” link at the bottom of a page. I usually don’t click it because I miss it, and this would make me remember…

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