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Mac OS X users: How many application icons do you have in your Dock?

Asked by sferik (6121points) December 15th, 2010

I’m curious how many application icons you keep in your Dock. I currently have 36 (not including Finder):

What determines whether you put an app in your Dock or keep it in the Applications folder?

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I like simplicity so I have 6 apps, not including Finder, along with the downloads and application folders to the right by my trash can.

I don’t know how to get a shot of just my Dock like you did or I would get one.

EDIT: And I’ve changed all my app icons because the standard ones just don’t do it for me.

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3 not including finder/trash, I am a minimalist when it comes to clutter (they are browser, thunderbird, and itunes). I will probably never add another

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I got 116. Even though I use Quicksilver, I just like to open apps by their dock icons, all of them are grouped by type.

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I have 20. I realistically only use a few apps all the time and the others are only one click and a scroll away in a stack… not sure why would would need 116…. How does that even work?

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@americos Yowza! Did you count them by hand?

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I’m at 32 but I’d like to pare that down. When I had my SSD in and spotlight was fast it was around 15. When I ran out of space on my SSD and switched back to a rotational disk I went back to keeping more apps in the dock to avoid tedious Spotlight waits (that’s basically the determining factor for me). 32 doesn’t seem so bad when I’m at 2560×1440 but at 1920×1080 or 1280×800 it seems like a few too many.

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I keep it really simple so only apps that I am currently using appear in my dock. So right now 9. I use quicksilver to launch apps so I can avoid using my mouse.

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am I the only dummy that keeps scrolling over the icons in your images to try and see what the applications are?

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At work right now I have 40— a lot of them admin/tech apps like Remote Desktop, iStumbler and Terminal. All the stuff I need to get to quickly when I want it.

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@timtrueman I’d never even thought of disk speed being a factor – my HDD is so damn slow (and always has been pretty pathetic) that I never even bother using Spotlight…

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I have 11, including Finder and Trash. I only keep the ones I use frequently on there, I don’t like it cluttered.

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@bluemukaki SSDs make a huge difference in overall performance, even without any other changes in hardware. (And that’s with a first generation SSD. The newest ones have even better performance.)

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4 applications, plus Finder, Downloads, and Trash. After installing Quicksilver, I have little need to keep icons in the dock.

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26 not including trash.

The ones I used most in college are still on it, nowadays though, I practically only use Safari, Address Book, Calendar, and iTunes. So there really is no need.

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Around 15–20 all used frequently.

I’d like to see if someone can guess what all of them are. I do like custom icons.

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Finder and Trash stay in the dock, I spotlight everything.

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@dverhey Is that a Deadmau5 icon I spy on your dock?

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@heresjohnny Yes sir. Custom icon for Traktor, a DJ app.

I believe you can find it here if you want it.

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