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Attention Iron Chefs! What would you do with wild plum juice?

Asked by YoBob (12823points) December 15th, 2010

Today’s secret ingredient is…wild plum juice! Ali cuisine!

So… there is a variety of wild plum that grows along fence rows in this part of the country. For years it has been a family tradition to pick a couple of gallons of them during June when they are ripe and make both wild plum jelly (a much sought after delicacy amongst our friends) as well as wild plum wine (a rather unique wine which has also gotten excellent reviews by most who have tried it)

So… this year I juiced the plums and have it stored in the freezer. However, I have way more than I need for jelly and don’t really have the storage for another couple of cases of wine.

Any suggestions for good ways to use this unique and very tasty plum juice?

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I bet that wine is good. I bet it would be good in a sangria. Mmmm. My brother-in-law makes a delicious plum b-b-q sauce with a little ginger, lemon juice and hoisin sauce (I guess you could use soy sauce if hoisin is too hot for you).

I wonder if you could make plum/apple sauce substituting plum juice instead of apple juice?

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@bkcunningham Wow, that b-b-q sauce sounds great! I have some venison tenders in the freezer next to the plum juice. Sounds like a match made in heaven to me!

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I’ve had lamb marinated in blueberry juice before. It was strange but good. I wonder what plum would taste like.

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I would reduce it into a sauce and serve with meat.

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Plum martinis

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I would most certainly use the plums to make wine. And more wine. :D

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You could make syrup or ice cream. I bet it would also be an interesting addition to an apple pie.

I know I’m a little late, but I’m sure you’ll have more plums in the future.

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Thanks @bobbinhood.

Ice cream sounds wonderful, as does the suggestion of adding to an apple pie.

It so happens I do have a couple of quart bags of frozen juice left just looking for a purpose.

About a month ago in order to clean out the freezer I took about a gallon of plum juice along with about a gallon of prickly pair juice I extracted last year and made a holiday “prickly plum” beer. It should be ready to drink right about Christmas day… ;)

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Sounds like a good Christmas treat to me! Any reason you just keep the juice and not any of the fruit?

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In the case of wild plums, the fruit is about 90% pit. It’s not worth it to try to pit them, but the juice is eaisly extracted.

In the case of the pickley pair the process of extracting the juice and running it through a filter ensures that you remove all of the tiny little stickers.

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