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Gross to spit in the kitchen sink?

Asked by tapestryofregret (446points) December 15th, 2010

My girlfriend is infuriated every time she catches me hawking a loogie in the kitchen sink. “THAT’S DISGUSTING, THE DISHES WE EAT OFF OF ARE IN THERE, SPIT IN THE TRASH OR THE COMMODE” she squawks. Of course I do as I’m told and when the times comes I plan to totally slam her with reason and logic to win the day..oh and the argument :D (hahahaha yea right)

For someone who hacks up a lot of flem, and is mortally afraid of germs, lifting the lid of the commode or the trash bin every time I want to spit is slightly inconvenient. Don’t get me wrong im not a total germaphobe, but I can’t help thinking about it. To me, the sink is such a vile and disgusting place already, that it shouldnt matter what kind of filth I contribute to it, as long as my aim is sound and i hit the drain. Otherwise I have to touch the faucet handle to turn on the water and rinse it down (destroy the evidence.)

So who would you side with? Oh and spit cups are out of the question, god forbid she should walk in the room and have to see that…hahaha (but seriously I love her)

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You hawk luggies in the sink and yet you have a girlfriend. ::shakes head in amazement::

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Her. You are argumentative, combative and adversarial. ”..when the times comes I plan to totally slam her with reason and logic to win the day…” If you can’t learn to compromise you may find yourself without a girlfriend, especially if you have the attitude that you are going to “win” and show her. That’s not a relationship,it’s a battleground.
Not putting your filth into the sink where the dishes go is just common courtesy. You have the alternative of spitting into a tissue. Do you take the dishes out of the sink before you pee into it?

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@trillian Well the first thing I do, is lick up all emerging salmonella and ecoli colonies that may have sprouted up since the last time I visited my spit hole. Got to make sure those suckers don’t get on those poor dishes that I will have to wash later and then put in the dish water.

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You do realize, of course, that ecoli comes from fecal matter, so I can guess what else you do in the sink. Nice.

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And you do realize that ecoli is kind of notorious for the several elusive ways it tends to find its way into our kitchen? What was the latest scare? Tomatoes…broccoli? You do wash your meats and veggies off in the sink first doncha?

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How about a can with a snap-on plastic top? It’s dark (she can’t see through it), it’s obviously yours, she should know enough not to look in there; hey you’re gold. Just don’t do it in front of her. The other option is to use a tissue and put each one in a trash can when you’re finished. If you need to add a few trash cans to place around, that’s OK.

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OK I’ll level with you…this isnt going to be a deal breaker for me and my GF.

I was caught somewhat off guard by her reaction honestly. Fact is, there is literally nothing I could excrete from my body that could even begin to compete with the horrors that live in your sink. Yes your sink, my sink, anyone’s sink. It is a festering cesspool of harmful micro-organisms. But hey we put our dirty dishes in there anyway don’t we? Plain and simply put, it’s idiotic to believe that having spit in the sink, my dishes will some how suffer some horrible consequence. It’s just spit, you swish it around in your mouth all day…yet suddenly the moment it exits your mouth it’s some how turned into an intolerable substance. Seriously, grow up.

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Yes, I agree. But some folks simply have issues. If you’re going to live with them, you have to find a way to work with them.

Actually, my body seems to produce so much mucus I wish I could find a buyer, because I could make big money off of it. It’s a real hassle for me because right now I’m sick, so I’m producing it at record levels. What fun.

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@snowberry you might say this is my way of dealing with it. Like I said, I do as I’m told…but clearly am not able to overlook stone cold facts and need a place to vent my frustration.

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Piss in the sink to wash away the more viscous snot wads, and she’ll be none the wiser.

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@ratboy well there is only one bathroom in our apartment..but luckily I’ve been able to break her habit of locking the door when she showers.

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It’s one of the most disgusting things in the world, to see it, to hear it and to think about it, especially when I’m trying to prepare vegetables or wash dishes and I know what has happened. I always have a can of comet and hand sanitizer and a kitchen cleaner with bleach on hand. I’m very obsessed with having a clean sink. Use the dang toilet for hawking your snot rockets, or better yet, JUST DON’T DO IT!!!

I guess the equivalent for you male hawkers would be if us gals squeezed out or tampons into the sink or onto the shower floor and just left it there.

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No it is not an equivalent. You dont swish period blood around in your mouth 24/7.

I think you have control issues honestly, you’ll never be able to clean that sink enough. True I may be drawing my conclusions based on the results of the Mythbusters, and that in itself may be kind pathetic, but they do use science to test and explain these things, they aren’t just going on how they feel about it like you. I suggest you watch the episode, you might enjoy it!.

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@tapestryofregret I think the point that you are missing is just that the thought of, or the sound of, or the sight of snot rockets in the kitchen sink is extremely disgusting to most people. That is a whole separate issue of whether your sink is clean or is harboring germs. Why don’t you poll your actual friends, men and women and see if they think it’s cool.

And you’re right, the ladies don’t swish their blood around in their mouths all day long, which makes the snot rockets way, way WAY worse. And to point out, women tend not to subject others to their blood because it’s gross. There are things that need to be done discreetly and in private and in the most sanitary manner possible. Ladies blood and snot rockets are 2 of them.

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@Kardamom I don’t really understand your reasoning int he second paragraph…Ladies do swish spit around in their mouths just the same as men, and hey guess what if they arent spitting it out theyre swallowing it. EWWWWW GROSSSSS.

And you’re wrong, I understand completely how it grosses people out, that’s why I’m frustrated!!! Because in reality there’s nothing special about it, it’s just spit. so again… grow up!

Also! You are delusional if you think you can rid your sink of harmful micro organisms. You would have to heat the surface of the sink and it’s contents in excess of 250 degrees F to completely sterilize it. Germs live in a completely different wolrd, where surface tension gets really funny. You can pour bleach over some areas all day long and it’ll simply float right over their billions upon trillions of tiny heads.

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Please, no luggies in the sink and please dont pee in the shower.

That is why I’m single.

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@tapestryofregret Actually I spit in the kitchen sink, and wash it out with water after. (Oh, true confessions!)

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@tapestryofregret You asked a question, we are answering, yet you are telling everyone here to grow up, twice. When you ask for opinions, you need to understand that they are not going to be the opinions or answers that agree with you.

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@chyna well IMHO, if you can’t handle the heat…get out of the kitchen. I’d rather argue my viewpoint than just sit by and watch the responses go by.

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It’s disgusting.

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