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Can this situation cause the loss of my pharmacy technician license?

Asked by shpadoinkle_sue (7188points) December 15th, 2010

I’m dealing with a licensure issue that’s making really nervous. I’m currently a licensed pharmacy assistant in washington state and a not yet certified, but licensed pharmacy technician in oregon. Okay, the situation is the bloodborne pathogen/HIV class I originally took wasn’t long enough. I thought I was taking a four hour class and it was only a one hour course. It was a misunderstanding on the teacher’s part. He’s admitted that he didn’t understand what I was asking for. I’m sure that I was clear that I needed 4 hours in lecture. I was the only one there and so I didn’t question anything being out of the ordinary.

I’m taking an accredited course online that was given to me by the Washington state DOH tonight. I’ve got my externship to start when classes resume next year in the second week of January. I spoke to the pharmacist in town and she said that I might have to write a letter to the state Board of Pharmacy. I’m fine with that. I’m still nervous about getting my license revoked because of this whole situation. I never did anything to purposefully defraud the state board of licensures. Everything was, to my knowledge, truthful on my application. So, what I want to know from a professional point fo view is if I’m really screwed or not and what my options are. I’m sure of the next step that I have to take, but past that, I don’t know. I need to talk to my teacher, but I’d like to know what’s coming at me so that I can relax a bit and focus.

This is my chance to make things better for myself and I’m terrified of it getting taken away.

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I wish I could help you, but one thing I’ve learned is that each states licensing agency is different from the next. I think the best thing you can do is call them and speak to them directly about the situation.

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As @Seaofclouds says, the requirements are different depending on who issues the license. You need to contact your license board and ask them.

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Did you select the 1-hour course yourself, or did someone else assign/recommend it to you?
When did you take the class and when did you get your license?

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@Brian1946 I chose the class. I know people that had gone through it. I took the class in early september and I got my license about four or five weeks later. So, late October. This issude was brought to my attention a few days ago.

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Did they give you the license after they received a certificate of course completion (or whatever such a thing is called), without requesting a signature from you verifying the length or sufficiency of the class?

I guess by the time you read this you might have already called them, but my guess is that there’s a good chance they’ll give you something like 30–90 days to complete the 4-hours course to keep your license, rather than revoke it.

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Perhaps proactive communication is in order. Write the board of licensure and let them know just what you said here. Will the teacher send a letter saying that he misunderstood your question about hours, and inadvertently misled you? You mentioned that you’re certified in another state; have you had this coursework before? If so, that might be important to point out in the letter.

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Here is a list of the training -courses available in Washington, their cost, etc. For a pharmacist, 7 hours of training is required and for a pharmacy assistant, it is the 4 hour class.

In reading the literature, it is a little strange because it is referenced as being an AIDS class which is far different than a Bloodborne Pathogens Class (such as required by OSHA 1910.1030).

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I would think they would look favorably upon you bringing it to their attention and give you time to correct the situation.

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@Brian1946 Yeah, I had to sign the application for the license and say that to my knowledge I had done the four hour course.

@BarnacleBill I have spoken to the instructor of the class and he is saying that he was the one who misunderstood and will tell anyone who asks him that. Oregon has a different set of requirements. All you need to get the license that I have now is a high school diploma and $35.

@Kayak8 I found a 4 hour class at the SW Washington American Red Cross on the 20th. There are online classes I could take. But I’m not going to chance it. ;)

You guys are definately giving me hope. My teacher does know so she might have already gone to the Board of Pharmacy, but I’ll definately check in with them on my own.

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If you proactively say you’ve discovered the error, it was an honest mistake and not an attempt to mislead, and have a plan to correct the error (enrollment in the class on the 20th), then you should be fine. The purpose of credential requirements and review is to ensure that people have the proper training. It’s not like you didn’t take the training at all and tried to falsify that fact; the training just wasn’t extensive enough.

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I imagine that the worst that will happen is that you would be delayed in getting your certification.

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