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Who are more tolerant of others' perspectives, atheists or people of faith?

Asked by MissAnthrope (21458points) December 15th, 2010

My experience with atheists was limited before Fluther, but it seems to me that, often in the world, atheists find themselves in a minority position where they feel they have to defend their beliefs. In doing so, they ask tolerance and open-mindedness of Christians, and are understandably frustrated when these are lacking.

In observing trends and patterns on Fluther, it’s impossible not to notice that Christians are a minority here. Fluther is rather left-leaning, heavily atheist, and progressive in general. This is why it surprises me so much that I have observed a fair amount of intolerance

This general tolerance and support of minorities, in addition to the rallying cry of atheists to be respected and their views tolerated, makes it rather ironic to me to have witnessed repeated intolerance of viewpoints outside of the Fluther mainstream.

Personally, I think it’s unfair because tolerance should be a two-way street. I also don’t understand it when a marginalized minority, who knows what it feels like to be in that position, turns around and marginalizes someone else.

In any case, I’m left with a feeling that perhaps atheists are not as tolerant as they believe themselves to be, or, at least, no more tolerant than Christians or other people of faith. Is it a Fluther thing? Is it because the atheists here are on home turf and they know they have a posse to back them up? As a side discussion, does anyone else wonder why Fluther attracts the demographic that it does?

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